Akiya Anzawa
Birth name Akiya Anzawa (安沢 明也, Anzawa Akiya)
Born 9 January 1981 (1981-01-09) (age 39)
Kariwa, Niigata, Japan
Resides Kariwa, Niigata, Japan
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Akiya Anzawa
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight 88 kilograms (194 lb)
Trained By Animal Hamaguchi
Debut September 21, 2003
Retired August 2006

  Akiya Anzawa (安沢 明也, Anzawa Akiya, born January 9, 1981) is a Japanese retired professional wrestler. Anzawa would spend his entire professional wrestling career, competing for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) on mainly the mid-card.[1] Akiya is the brother of professional wrestler Taku Anzawa.[2]

Professional wrestling career Edit

Akiya has a background in Sports as he competed in Judo, a type of Mixed martial arts.[3] He began training in the NJPW dojo as a "Young Lion" to become a professional wrestler. He took lessons from Animal Hamaguchi.[4]

New Japan Pro Wrestling (2003–2006) Edit

Akiya's work as a Young Lion in training would become noticed by NJPW Officials.[5] Anzawa would then make his professional debut on September 21, 2003 at an NJPW Road to Ultimate Crush show, being televised. He lost to Ryusuke Taguchi and after the match he shook hands with Taguchi to show a sign of respect. He would win his first match days after against fellow Young Lion, Hiroshi Nagao at a house show. The two wrestlers began trading victories against each other.[6] He would compete against fellow Young Lions also.

He would compete in both the 2004 and 2005 Young Lion Cups. He would not score enough points to make it to the finals in both events.

In 2004, Akiya, Katsuyori Shibata and Hirooki Goto formed a stable named "Shibata Kenka Michi". The stable lasted a couple of months before being disbanded. Akiya would briefly feud with Goto and compete against Shibata.[7] In October 2004, Akiya would lose to Katsuhiko Nakajima in the Young Lion Toukon Tournament.[8]

In 2005, Anzawa competed in the Best of the Super Juniors but would not score enough points to win the tournament.[9]

Anzawa competed in his last match when he tag teamed with Koji Kanemoto and Tiger Mask to face off against Gedo, Jado and Minoru in January 2006 at the NJPW 2006 Fan Thanksgiving Day event.[10]

In early August 2006. Akiya Anzawa announced his retirement from professional wrestling as a whole.[11] He now lives in Niigata with his family.[12]

In wrestling Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • A2 Clutch[13]
    • Zero-Sen Kick (Running single leg dropkick)[14]
  • Signature moves
    • Boston crab[15]
    • Forearm smash
    • German suplex hold
    • Leg drop
    • leg snap
    • Running senton
    • Seated Fujiwara armbar
    • Snap belly-to-back suplex

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