Asia Tag Team Championship
Promotion(s) New Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established August 4, 1976
Date Retired May 21, 1981

The Asia Tag Team Championship was a championship in New Japan Pro Wrestling promoted in early 80s. It was contested in a round-robin tournament and the winners and were Seiji Sakaguchi and Strong Kobayashi. The tite was retired on 21st of May, 1981 for a unknown reason.

Title history

Wrestler Reigns Date Location Notes
Seiji Sakaguchi and Strong Kobayashi 1 August 4, 1976 Sendai Defeated Tiger Jeet Singh and Gama Singh in a round-robin tournament final.
Tiger Jeet Singh and Umanosuke Ueda 1 August 4, 1976 Sapporo
The title is retired on May 21, 1981 for unknown reasons.
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