BJW 8-Man Scramble Championship
Promotion(s) Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established July 2, 2000
Date Retired January 1, 2001

The BJW 8-Man Scramble Championship was a title defended in the Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW) promotion. It was in use from 1999 through at least 2001.

Title historyEdit

# Wrestlers Reign Date Length Location Successful defenses Notes
1 The Great Kojika 1 July 2, 2000 294 Days Tokyo 2 Defeated Abdullah Junior Kobayashi, Abdullah the Butcher, Men's Teioh, Mike Samples, Ryuji Yamakawa, Shadow WX and Tomoaki Honma in 8-Man Scramble Match to become the first champion.
2 Kyoko Ichiki 1 May 14, 2000 232 Days Tokyo 0 Defeated Chabinger, Chihiro Nakano, The Great Kojika, Harley Lewis, KAMIKAZE, Misae Genki and Terry Bull in 8-Man Scramble Match.
Inactive January 1, 2001 The title was later abandoned.
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