BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship
Current Champion(s) Ryuji Ito
Date Won March 16, 2020
Promotion(s) Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established August 9, 1998

The BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship is the top singles championship in Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW), it is exclusively defended in deathmatches. The title was established on August 9, 1998 when The Great Pogo defeated Mitsuhiro Matsunaga in a tournament final in a glass and fire coffin cremation deathmatch tournament final to become the first champion.

Title reigns are determined either by professional wrestling matches between wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines or by scripted circumstances. Wrestlers are portrayed as either villains or heroes as they follow a series of tension-building events, which culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches for the championship. Ryuji Ito as the most times reigns with 6 title reigns and he is also the longest and shortest reigning. His second reign his the shortest reign with 4 days and the longest with 850 days. The title changes occurred in multiple deathmatches like the glass and fire coffin cremation deathmatch, lumberjack deathmatch, barbed wire board deathmatch and Caribbean-style barbed wire, light tubes, light tubes board and barbed wire chess board deathmatch.


The first belt was designed on the front and sides with chair, and it was called "chair belt of the color". the design was decided by the fans public offering to them. However, CZW's Zandig returned home while he was holding the belt but during his reign BJW ended their partnership with CZW, he didn't return the belt home and created the CZW Deathmatch Championship which led to BJW to create a new belt to replace the old one. The second belt was made with a barbed wire was made by Ryuji Ito later in the form of a spider web. However, as the metal surface became aged when in 2012, they decided to update the design of the 3 belt. On April 28, 2013, the third belt was showcased and designed with chairs, fluorescent lamps and thumbtacks. It started using Yokohama style on May 5 of the same year. When Ryuji Yamakawa retired in 2012, he created and presented a replica of the original belt.

Championship TournamentEdit

Big Japan Pro Wrestling held a 8-man tournament to crown the first champion, The tour was held from June 8 through August 9, 1998.

  First round
June 8
August 9
August 9
   Mitsuhiro Matsunaga  
 Jason the Terible 14:29  
   Mitsuhiro Matsunaga  
   Shadow Winger 10:21  
 Shadow Winger
   Shoji Nakamaki 07:29  
     Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
   The Great Pogo 08:36
   The Great Pogo  
 Kung Fu Lee 09:23  
   The Great Pogo
   Shadow WX 15:02  
 Shadow WX
   Tomoaki Honma 16:22  


  • Male wrestlers only who do death match not women wrestlers.
  • Pinfall, Submission, Referee Stop, Doctor Stop
  • Anyway the rules that can take a fall anywhere are basically rejected.
  • Time limit: 30 minutes 1 win. In the case of time limit draw, the champion retains his belt.
  • Unlimited time until March 2007 was one match, but from the safety aspect of the wrestlers with time restrictions were set for championship matches after April.
  • In principle, do not take the rope to escape, foul count and of the site count as a rule. Pinfall has to be 3 counts.
  • The challenger has the authority to present the match form of the day to the champion and announce it before the match.
  • For the championship match when it becomes vacant, the match form is decided by mutual agreement among opponents.
  • They can use weapons used in regular matches, such as fluorescent lights, glasses, thumbtacks, etc. You can also use weapons brought by your opponents as well as yourself.
  • However, if there are weapons that are prohibited from being used under the regulations of the venue, they have to follow them.
  • If a theme related to the venue or the opening time is established weapons to be used according to that theme.
  • These rules can be changed by mutual agreement (Challenger entitlement and time limit can not be changed). However, the change rule in case applies only to that match.

Title historyEdit

# Wrestlers Reign Date Length Location Successful defenses Notes
1 The Great Pogo 1

August 9, 1998

14 Days Kawasaki 0 Defeated Mitsuhiro Matsunaga in tournament final in a glass and fire coffin cremation deathmatch tournament final.
2 Mitsuhiro Matsunaga 1 August 23, 1998 31 Days Osaka 0 This was a glass and fire coffin cremation deathmatch.
3 Shadow WX 1 September 23, 1998 109 Days Tokyo 1 This was a 3 way board alligator deathmatch.
4 Abdullah the Butcher 1 January 10, 1999 49


Fukuoka 0 This was lumberjack deathmatch.
5 Shadow WX 2 February 28, 1999 91 Days Tokyo 1 This was a barbed wire board deathmatch.
6 Ryuji Yamakawa 1 May 30, 1999 72 Days Osaka 1 This was a no rope barbed wire death pallet coffin and fire deathmatch.
7 Shadow WX 3 August 10, 1999 116 Days Osaka 2 This was a no rope barbed wire fire deathmatch.
8 Ryuji Yamakawa 2 December 4, 1999 29


Yokohama 0 This was a four corner lighttubes board deathmatch.
9 Tomoaki Honma 1 January 2, 2000 182 Days Tokyo 1 This was also a quarterfinal match in the BJ Grand Prix 2000 tournament, and was a 5-inch spike nail and barbed wire double board deathmatch.
10 Zandig 1 July 2, 2000 144


Tokyo 1 This was a lemon, salt and mustard deathmatch.
11 Tomoaki Honma 2 November 23, 2000 98 Days Yokohama 0 This was a glass and barbed wire board deathmatch.
Vacated March 2001 Vacated due to Honma leaving the company.
12 Zandig 2 May 4, 2001 107


Sapporo 1 Defeated Kintaro Kanemura in a CZW Caribbean-style barbed wire, lighttubes, lighttubes board and barbed wire chess board deathmatch.
13 Mitsuhiro Matsunaga 2 August 19, 2001 105


Yokohama 0 This was a 200 lighttubes and thumbtack and glass board deathmatch.
14 Zandig 3 December 2, 2001 30 Days Yokohama 0 This was an exploding glass, lighttubes and thumbtacks deathmatch.
Vacated January 1, 2002 Vacated due to Zandig leaving the company.
15 Kintaro Kanemura 1 March 30, 2003 147 Days Yokohama 1 Defeated Shadow WX in a lighttubes and glass deathmatch decision match.
16 Ryuji Ito 1 August 24, 2003 850 Days Yokohama 6 This was a steel cage match.
17 Abdullah Kobayashi 1 January 20, 1997 100


Yokohama 0 This was a scaffold match.
18 Takashi Sasaki 1 March 31, 2006 163 Days Tokyo 1 This was a lighttubes and bed of nails deathmatch.
19 Ryuji Ito 2 September 10, 2006 4


Tokyo 0 This was a lighttubes, bunkhouse, double hell, super high ladder, and barbed wire Hell deathmatch.
Vacated September 14, 2006 Vacated due to a wrist injury.
20 Takashi Sasaki 2 December 3, 2006 266


Yokohama 2 Defeated Jaki Numazawa in a lighttubes shrine deathmatch.
21 Jaki Numazawa 1 August 26, 2007 110


Tokyo 1
22 Ryuji Ito 3 December 14, 2007 142 Days Yokohama 1 This was a four corner cross of D match.
23 Shadow WX 4 May 4, 2008 229 Days Koshigaya 3 This was a fluorescent lighttube boards and weapons deathmatch.
24 Yuko Miyamoto 1 December 19, 2008 501 Days Yokohama 4 This was a barbed wire blast board deathmatch.
25 Ryuji Ito 4 May 4, 2010 593 Days Yokohama 6 This was a 200 fluorescent lighttubes cage deathmatch.
26 Abdullah Kobayashi 2 December 18, 2011 381 Days Yokohama 7 This was a Game of Death deathmatch.
27 Shuji Ishikawa 1 January 2, 2013 306 Days Tokyo 4 This was a glass board and new year deathmatch.
28 Isami Kodaka 1 November 4, 2013 202 Days Yokohama 4 This was a culture of death match.
29 Ryuji Ito 5 May 25, 2014 21 Days Nagoya 0 This was a two out of three falls match.
30 Yuko Miyamoto 2 June 15, 2014 324 Days Hiroshima 5 This was a fluorescent light tubes and block and spike board deathmatch.
31 Abdullah Kobayashi 3 May 5, 2015 76 Days Yokohama 0 This was a battle position again deathmatch.
32 Ryuji Ito 6 July 20, 2015 370 Days Tokyo 5 This was a 20th anniversary 20 items deathmatch.
33 Kankuro Hoshino 1 July 24, 2016 147


Tokyo 3 This was a scaffold and G shock.
34 Abdullah Kobayashi 4 December 18, 2016 138 Days Yokohama 0 This was a light tubes double G shock deathmatch.
35 Masaya Takahashi 1 May 5, 2017 106


Yokohama 2 This was a fluorescent light-tubes and spike nail Board deathmatch.
36 Masashi Takeda 1 August 19, 2017 449 Days Nagoya 9
37 Masaya Takahashi 2 November 11, 2018 175 Days Tokyo 3 This was a Barricade Of Death Double Board & Double Barricade & Alpha Death Match.
38 Isami Kodaka 2 May 5, 2019 227 Days Yokohama 4 This was a 200 Fluorescent Lighttubes & Fluorescent Lighttube Tower Death Match.
39 Abdullah Kobayashi 5 December 18, 2019 89 Days Yokohama 2 This was a New Iron Cage Death Match.
40 Ryuji Ito 7 March 16, 2020 24+ Yokohama 0


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