BJW Heavyweight Championship
Promotion(s) Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established March 20, 2001
Date Retired 2004

The BJW Heavyweight Championship was a title defended in Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW) promotion. The title was introduced on March 20, 2001 when KAMIKAZE defeated John Zandig in tournament final to become the first champion. The title lasted from 2001 through 2004.

Overall, there have been 7 reigns shared among 5 wrestlers and the tile had 1 vacancy. Title reigns are determined either by professional wrestling matches between wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines or by scripted circumstances. Wrestlers are portrayed as either villains or heroes as they follow a series of tension-building events, which culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches for the championship. Men's Teioh as the most reigns as champions three reigns and he was the longest reigning champion with 506 days. The shortest reigning champion his Gran Hamada with 19 days.

Championship TournamentEdit

Big Japan Pro Wrestling held a 8-man tournament to crown the first champion, The tour was held from June 8 through August 9, 1998.

  First round
June 8
August 9
August 9
   Wifebeater KO  
 Ryuji Yamakawa 08:33  
   Wifebeater Pin  
   KAMIKAZE 05:50  
   Mad Man Pondo 06:33  
   John Zandig 05:38
   Shadow WX Pin  
 Daikokubo Benkei 08:48  
   Daikokubo Benkei Pin
   John Zandig 04:09  
 John Zandig Pin
   Daisuke Sekimoto 07:12  

Title historyEdit

# Wrestlers Reign Date Length Location Successful defenses Notes

March 20, 2001

292 Days Fukuoka 1 Defeated John Zandig in tournament final to become the first champion.
2 Daikokubo Benkei 1 January 6, 2002 224 Days Kawasaki 1
3 Daisuke Sekimoto 1 August 18, 2002 36 Days Kanagawa 1
4 Men's Teioh 1 September 23, 2002 48


Tokyo 1
Vacated November 10, 2002 Vacated after ending in no contest in a match against Daisuke Sekimoto and Ryuji Yamakawa.
5 Men's Teioh 2 March 30, 2003 506 Days Kanagawa 2 Defeated Daisuke Sekimoto to become the new champion.
6 Gran Hamada 1 August 1, 2004 19 Days Osaka 1
7 Men's Teioh 3 September 5, 2004 Unknown Tokyo 3
Inactive 2004 The title was later abandoned.