BJW Junior Heavyweight Championship (1998-2002)
Promotion(s) Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established February 3, 1998
Date Retired December 31, 2002

The BJW Junior Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling title in Japanese promotion Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW), specifically for the junior heavyweight (<100 kg) workers. It was created on February 3, 1998, when Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Gedo in an 8-man tournament final.

In addition to Japan, the title has also been defended in the United States. Some matches for the BJW Junior Heavyweight Championship were also contested for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship. There has been a total of 10 recognized champions who have had a combined 13 official reigns. The title was inactive since December 2002.

Inaugural Championship tournamentEdit

Big Japan Pro Wrestling held a one night 8-man tournament to crown the first champion, and it was held on February 3, 1998.

  First round
(February 3)
(February 3)
(February 3)
   Yoshihiro Tajiri  
 Gran Naniwa  
   Yoshihiro Tajiri  
   Minoru Tanaka  
 Minoru Tanaka
   Minoru Fujita  
     Yoshihiro Tajiri
   Ryuji Yamakawa  
 Masayoshi Motegi  
   Ryuji Yamakawa
   Tomoaki Honma  

Title historyEdit

# Wrestlers Reign Date Length Location Successful defenses Notes
1 Yoshihiro Tajiri 1 February 3, 1998 75 Days Tokyo 1 Defeated Gedo in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Vacated April 19, 1998 Tajiri was stripped of the title when he left BJW.
2 Katsumi Usuda 1 May 1, 1998 218 Days Toda 1 Defeated Minoru Fujita to become the new champion.
3 Fantastik 1 December 5, 1998 145 Days Kanagawa 1
4 The Winger 1 April 29, 1999 31 Days Shizuoka 1
Vacated May 30, 1999 He vacated the belt to be put on the line in a round-robin tournament.
5 Masayoshi Motegi 1 June 30, 1999 129 Days Numazu 1 Defeated Abdullah Kobayashi in the finals of a round-robin tournament.
6 Fantastik 2 November 6, 1999 28 Days Hakodate 2
7 Chabinger 2 December 4, 1999 200 Days Yokohama 2 Formelly known as Masayoshi Motegi.
8 Men's Teioh 1 June 21, 2000 200 Days Fukushima 1
9 Johnny Kashmere 1 August 19, 2001 10 Days Fukushima 1 Defeated Teioh in a tag team match between CZW Tag Team Champions Teioh and Jun Kasai and The Backseat Boyz (Kashmere and Trent Acid). As per the stipulation of the match, all titles held by the participants were on the line. The Backseat Boyz won the CZW Tag Team titles, and Kashmere, by scoring the fall, won the BJW World Junior Heavyweight title as well.
Vacated August 29, 2001 Vacated after a match between Kashmere and Trent Acid ended in a double pinfall. The match was also contested for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship.
10 Ruckus 1 December 2, 2001 13 Days Yokohama 1 Defeated Trent Acid and The Winger in a Three-way match to win the vacant Championship. The match was also contested for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship.
11 Trent Acid 1 December 15, 2001 78 Days Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1 The match was also contested for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship.
12 The Winger 2 March 3, 2002 257 Days Yokohama 2
13 Homicide 1 November 15, 2002 46 Days Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1
Inactive December 31, 2002 The title was later abandoned.


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