Brian Johnston (born July 28, 1968) is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who competed throughout the mid 1990s, most notably in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and New Japan Pro Wrestling. His effective mix of precision striking and ground fighting, as seen with other fighters such as Marco Ruas, would set the standard for what are now common traits in modern-day fighting styles. Johnston holds a black belt in Judo and was a former Golden Gloves champion.

He fought many MMA legends in their prime such as Don Frye, Mark Coleman and Ken Shamrock while competing in the UFC.

Brian suffered a massive stroke in August 2001 while in Japan prior to a fight, at 32 years of age and 3 weeks after his wedding.[1]

Initially trained by Brad Rheingans. He made his pro wrestling debut in 1997, losing to Naoya Ogawa at NJPW G1 Climax Special 1997.[2][3] Throughout his whole career Johnston was used as a tag team wrestler, teaming with such names like Don Frye, Osamu Kido, Tadao Yasuda, Dave Beneteau, and Kazuyuki Fujita. He had a notable appearance at the 1999 G1 Tag League, teaming with Takashi Iizuka.[4] After a series of concussions, he chose to retire in early 2001.[5]

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