British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship
Promotion(s) Toryumon Japan
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Date Established April 1995
Date Retired December 7, 2003

The British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship was a championship that was promoted in the Michinoku Pro Wrestling and Toryumon promotions from April 1995 to December 7, 2003. It was inherited from New Japan Pro Wrestling and become the secondary singles championship in Toryumon Japan.


The British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship was created in April 1995 and was intended to be a championship based in England. It was later defended in Japan, where Great Sasuke won the title on September 25, 1995. Afterward, it would go on to be primarily defended in Michinoku Pro Wrestling before it was combined with seven other championships to form the J-Crown Championship. The J-Crown would end on October 5, 1997 as championships would be withdrawn or vacated primarily due to the World Wrestling Federation demanding the return of their Light Heavyweight Championship.

An attempt was made to return the championship back to England, but later Tiger Mask IV would win the title and bring it with him to New Japan. Masaaki Mochizuki defeated him for the title on March 10, 2001 and it would become a Toryumon championship. There would be times where it would take prominence over the NWA World Welterweight Championship as the likes of Mochizuki and Magnum TOKYO held the title. Nevertheless, it was ultimately abandoned in December 7, 2003. The belt has not resurfaced since.

Title History

# Wrestler Reign Date Location Notes
1 The Great Sasuke 1 September 25, 1995 Akita, Japan
2 Danny Collins 1 May 5, 1996 Sendai, Japan
3 Dick Togo 1 May 6, 1996 Nakayama, Japan
4 Jushin Thunder Liger 1 June 17, 1996 Tokyo, Japan
5 Ultimo Dragon 1 August 2, 1996 Tokyo, Japan
6 The Great Sasuke 2 August 5, 1996 Tokyo, Japan Becomes one of eight championships comprising New Japan Pro Wrestling's J-Crown
7 Ultimo Dragon 2 October 11, 1996 Osaka, Japan
8 Jushin Thunder Liger 2 January 4, 1997 Tokyo, Japan
9 El Samurai 1 July 6, 1997 Sapporo, Japan
10 Shinjiro Otani 1 August 10, 1997 Nagoya, Japan
Vacated November 5, 1997 WWF demanded that Shinjiro Otani return the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship to them immediately. On the same day Otani also returned the remaining belts except for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.
11 The Dirtbike Kid 1 February 14, 1998 London, England, UK Defeated Mikey Whipwreck for the vacant title
Vacated 1999 due to unknown motives
12 Tiger Mask IV 1 April 11, 1999 London, England, UK Defeated Jason Cross for the vacant title
Vacated 1999 Vacated due to injury.
13 Curry Man 1 December 14, 1999 Niigata, Japan Defeated Minoru Fujita for the vacant title
14 Tiger Mask IV 2 March 10, 2000 Aomori, Japan
15 Masaaki Mochizuki 1 March 10, 2001 Nagoya, Japan
16 Magnum TOKYO 1 July 1, 2001 Hyogo, Japan
17 SUWA 1 March 15, 2002 Yokohama, Japan
18 Dotti Shuji 1 June 19, 2003 Tokyo, Japan Defeated SUWA and Masaaki Mochizuki in a Three-Way Dance.
19 Jun Ogawauchi 1 November 10, 2003 Hyogo, Japan
Vacated December 7, 2003 Vacated due Jun Ogawauchi vs. Second Doi ending in a no contest.


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