Budokan Peter Pan: DDT 15th Anniversary, Ultra-Luxurious 4-Hour Special Until Dawn!
Promotion DDT Pro-Wrestling
Date August 18, 2012[1]
Attendance 10,124[1]
Venue Nippon Budokan[1]
City Tokyo, Japan[1]
Peter Pan chronology

2011 Budokan Peter Pan: DDT 15th Anniversary, Ultra-Luxurious 4-Hour Special Until Dawn! 2013

Budokan Peter Pan: DDT 15th Anniversary, Ultra-Luxurious 4-Hour Special Until Dawn! (武道館ピーターパン〜DDTの15周年、ドーンと見せます超豪華4時間SP!〜, Budōkan Pītā Pan: DDT no jūgo-shūnen, dōn to misemasu chōgōka yon-jikan SP!) was a professional wrestling event promoted by DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT). The event took place on August 18, 2012, in Tokyo at the Nippon Budokan. The event featured ten matches, three of which were contested for championships.[1][2] The event aired on Fighting TV Samurai.


The Budokan Peter Pan event featured ten professional wrestling matches that involved different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines. Wrestlers portrayed villains, heroes, or less distinguishable characters in the scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.[3]

By winning the King of DDT tournament on July 8, Kenny Omega earned a title match in the main event against KO-D Openweight Champion Kota Ibushi.


The dark match preceding the main card was the "Muscle Offers Time Musclehouse 10.5 Dark Match Rising", a twelve-man tag team match pitting wrestlers from DDT's sub-brand Muscle against wrestlers from the Style-E promotion.

In the opening ceremony, Sunplaza Nakano-kun performed a song on stage.

The Rumble rules match saw the participation of Yuzuki Aikawa from the joshi puroresu promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom. During the match, E.Yoshihiko, a blow-up doll with male make-up, captured the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship by eliminating former champion DJ Nira, thus becoming the 960th champion. E.Yoshihiko was then eliminated by the eventual winner of the match, Yoshiaki Fujiwara who became the 961st champion. After the match, Hiroshi Fukuda attempted to pin Fujiwara but the newly crowned champion put Fukuda in a Fujiwara armbar to successfully defend his title.

The next match saw the debut of Konosuke Takeshita.

In the fifth match, two teams competed in a "5 vs. 5 Soccer match". The match consisted of two halves of 5 minutes each where each team tried to score the most pins by pinfall (two counts) or submission. In the case of a tie, the match was to be decided by an actual soccer penalty shoot-out. Amongst the participants were Tsukasa Fujimoto from Ice Ribbon, Yuji Hino from Kaientai Dojo and Yoshiko from World Wonder Ring Stardom.

In the sixth match, MIKAMI teamed with Tatsumi Fujinami from Dradition to challenge the KO-D Tag Team Champions Homoiro Clover Z (Kudo and Makoto Oishi).

The seventh match was a "Handicap Weapon Rumble" pitting Sanshiro Takagi against Minoru Suzuki. Unlike a traditional DDT Weapon Rumble where both participants bring their pre-selected weapons at regular intervals throughout the match, this match was a handicap match where Suzuki wasn't allowed to bring any weapon.

The eighth match, a hardcore match, involved Togi Makabe from New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

The ninth match was a "Transparent Electric Explosion Deathmatch", a parody of the "Explosive Barbed Wire Rope Deathmatch" stipulation used in hardcore promotions such as Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling, in which the explosions are non-existent but where the wrestlers and the referee act as if they were real. In this match, Danshoku Dino faced Invisible Man, an "invisible wrestler" i.e. non-existent.


# Results[1][2] Stipulations Times
1D Team Muscle (Muscle Sakai, Pedro Takaishi, Kazuyoshi Sakai HG, Norokazu Fujioka, Mr. Magic and Seiya Morohashi) defeated Team Style-E (Kazuhiro Tamura, Masashi Takeda, Masato Shibata, Shota, Kotaro Nasu and Cho-un "Bones" Shiryu) Twelve-man tag team match 12:07
2 Soma Takao and Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Keisuke Ishii and Shigehiro Irie, Hikaru Sato and Michael Nakazawa, Isami Kodaka and Hiroo Tsumaki, and Poison Sawada Julie and Rion Mizuki Gauntlet tag team match 21:24
3 Yoshiaki Fujiwara won by last eliminating E.Yoshihiko Rumble rules match for the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship 19:22
4 El Generico defeated Konosuke Takeshita Singles match 10:36
5 Tonkatsu SC (Masa Takanashi, Daisuke Sasaki, Hoshitango, Tetsuya Endo and Tsukasa Fujimoto) defeated Akira-waku FC (Yasu Urano, Antonio Honda, Yuji Hino, Tanomusaku Toba and Yoshiko) 2:2 (2:0 on penalties) 5 vs. 5 Soccer match 10:00
6 MIKAMI and Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Homoiro Clover Z (Kudo and Makoto Oishi) (c) Tag team match for the KO-D Tag Team Championship 9:04
7 Minoru Suzuki defeated Sanshiro Takagi Handicap Weapon Rumble match 17:33
8 HARASHIMA and Togi Makabe defeated Shuji Ishikawa and Ryuji Ito Hardcore tag team match 14:36
9 Invisible Man defeated Danshoku Dino Transparent Electric Explosion Deathmatch 16:16
10 Kota Ibushi (c) defeated Kenny Omega Singles match for the KO-D Openweight Championship 37:26
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
  • Videoicon – refers to the video of that match
  • D – indicates the match was a dark match

Gauntlet matchEdit

Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move Time Ref.
1 Hiroo Tsumaki Kodaka and Tsumaki Shigehiro Irie Pinned after a Vertical Drop Backflip 6:04 [2]
2 Poison Sawada Julie Sawada and Mizuki Keisuke Ishii Pinned after a Kneel Kick 8:07 [2]
3 Keisuke Ishii Ishii and Irie Hikaru Sato Ankle Hold 12:23 [2]
4 Michael Nakazawa Sato and Nakazawa Soma Takao Pinned after a Diving Guillotine Drop 21:24 [2]
Winners: Soma Takao and Yukio Sakaguchi

Rumble rules matchEdit

Order[4] Name Order eliminated By Time
1 DJ Nira (c) 8 E.Yoshihiko[lower-alpha 1] 16:18
2 Daichi Kakimoto 1 Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Mio Shirai 3:55
3 Tomomitsu Matsunaga 3 Ken Ohka 7:08
4 Batten Tamagawa 2 Ken Ohka 7:01
5 Shirai, MioMio Shirai 4 Nozomi 8:21
6 Hiroshi Fukuda 5 Yuzuki Aikawa 11:50
7 Ken Ohka 10 E.Yoshihiko 17:13
8 Nozomi 7 Yoshiaki Fujiwara 14:30
9 Gorgeous Matsuno 9 E.Yoshihiko 16:46
10 Akito 11 E.Yoshihiko 17:20
11 Aikawa, YuzukiYuzuki Aikawa 6 Yoshiaki Fujiwara 14:08
12 Fujiwara, YoshiakiYoshiaki Fujiwara Winner
13 E.Yoshihiko 12 Yoshiaki Fujiwara 19:22


  1. E.Yoshihiko becomes the 960th Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion.


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