Captain of the SECRET BASE Championship
Current Champion(s) Amigo Suzuki
Date Won April 14, 2019
Promotion(s) SECRET BASE
Date Established December 16, 2012

The Captain of the Secret Base is a professional wrestling championship owned by the SECRET BASE promotion and it serves as their is a the top singles championship. It was created on December 16, 2012 when Bear Fukuda defeated Mototsugu Shimizu in a eight-man tournament final. This was the first championship tite in Secret Base.


Championship tournamentEdit

The tournament to crown the inaugural Secret Base champion ran from September 30 to November 28, 2012 and features 8 competitors. The tournament featured outside participant form Guts World Pro Wrestling Guts Ishijima and from STYLE-E Pro Wrestling Masato Shibata.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  1   Mototsugu Shimizu   W.O.  
8   Jun Ogawauchi  [1]  
      Mototsugu Shimizu  Pin  
      Amigo Suzuki  10:40  
4   Amigo Suzuki  Pin
  5   Guts Ishijima
(Guts World)
         Mototsugu Shimizu  11:14
       Bear Fukuda  Pin
  3    Bear Fukuda  Pin  
6    Masato Shibata (Style-E)  12:46  
       Bear Fukuda  Pin
       Go  10:23  
2    Go  Pin
  7    Spark Aoki  10:48  

Title historyEdit

The Championship has four reigns (4 champions) and no vancacies. The current champion is Mototsugu Shimizu.

# Team Reigns Date Days held Location Event Notes
1 Bear Fukuda 1 December 16, 2012 462 Tokyo First Captain of the Secret Base Openweight Championship Determination Tournament Final Fukuda defeated Mototsugu Shimizu in the finals of an eight-man tournament to become the first champion.
2 Go 1 March 23, 2014 407 Tokyo House show
3 Jun Ogawauchi 1 May 4, 2015 141 Yokohama Yokohama Wrestling Festival 2015・GW
4 Mototsugu Shimizu 1 September 22, 2015 ? Yokohama House show
5 Go 2 2017 ? Tokyo House show
6 Amigo Suzuki 1 April 14, 2019 446+ Tokyo Secret Base Heisei Last Shinjuku Face


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