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Danshoku Dino (男色ディーノ, Danshoku Dīno)[1] is a Japanese professional wrestler. Dino plays an overly exaggerated homosexual character. His ring name comes from the character Baron Dino from the manga series Sakigake!! Otokojuku.


Dino was trained in shoot fighting prior to training to be a wrestler and he incorporated this training into his wrestling style.

In addition to wrestling in Dramatic Dream Team (DDT), he has also competed in several independent wrestling promotions around Japan, including Dragon Gate, Ice Ribbon, Kaientai Dojo, Osaka Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling ZERO1-MAX. In February 2007, Dino made his first excursion overseas, as he debuted for a few American independent promotions such as Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and International Wrestling Cartel (IWC).

In wrestling[]

  • Finishing moves
    • Danshoku Driver[5] (Piledriver with the opponent's head in his tights, sometimes reversed or while flipping, jumping, kneeling or hooking the opponent's leg)[1]
    • Danshoku Tornado[6] (Corkscrew moonsault)
    • Diving 69[7] (Diving splash landing with his face over the opponent's crotch and vice versa) - used only once
    • Shiranui Gay[8] (Shiranui preceded by a kiss) - used only once
  • Signature moves
    • Bearhug to the back of a standing or sitting opponent[citation needed]
    • Bronco buster, sometimes while standing[citation needed]
    • Cock Bottom[5] (Side slam with the opponent's hand in his tights, sometimes while kneeling)
    • Danshoku Nightmare[5] (Rana pin on the opponent's face after pulling down his tights, with theatrics)
    • Double underhook facebuster with opponent's head tucked in his tights[citation needed]
    • Fingertip Guide to Hell[5] (Eye poke)
    • Gaydo Clutch[7] (Gedo clutch with theatrics)
    • Lip Lock (French kiss)[citation needed]
    • Low blow, sometimes transitioned into a testicular claw[citation needed]
    • Moonsault[citation needed]
    • Running open-handed chop drop to the opponent's groin, transitioned into a groundedsingle-arm testicular claw[citation needed]
    • Sheerdrop brainbuster[citation needed]
    • Shining Hump[5] / Shining Dick[citation needed] / Homo Ye[citation needed] (Running crotch attack to a kneeling opponent's face while using their knee for leverage)
    • Stinkface[citation needed]
    • Super hurricanrana[citation needed]
    • Testicular claw, sometimes transitioned into a stunner, often while spinning, to an arm wrench inside cradle, an Argentine backbreaker rack, an Indian deathlock, a dragon screw or a reverse STO[citation needed]
    • Waist lock, sometimes to sitting opponent and followed by a back riding position, or transitioned to a pelvic thrust[citation needed]
    • Wristlock with opponent's hand on his groin[citation needed]

Championships and accomplishments[]


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