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  Makoto Arakawa (荒川真, Arakawa Makoto) was a Japanese professional wrestler better known by the ring name Don Arakawa (ドン・アラカワ, Don Arakawa), he worked for many promotions, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Super World of Sports, All Japan Pro Wrestling and many more. During his time in NJPW he won the 1974 Karl Gotch Cup, he was a commentator and also recognized as one of New Japan Gratest Wrestlers.


Mokoto Arakawa would joined NJPW in 1972. Later, his physical similarity with Rikidozan was availed to make him a comedy character. Don Arakawa announced his retirement for the first time in 1989, but a year later he made a comeback in SWS. After its failure, he never officially joined another promotion. One of the most important comedy characters in Japan, Arakawa occasionally wrestled in some shows, teaming up with other “modern” comedy wrestlers. In 2011, Arakawa would be inducted to the NJPW Greatest Wrestlers Hall of Fame.

On December 2, 2017, it was announced that on November 5, 2017, Arakawa passed away at the age of 71.

In wrestling[]

  • Finishing moves
    • Backslide
    • Chickenwing Facelock
    • German Suplex Hold
    • Piledriver
    • Uppercut

Wrestlers trained[]

  • Akashi Tiger

Championships and accomplishments[]