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Since the promotion started to run independently in 2004, Dragon Gate has functioned on having a vast majority of its roster aligned with one unit or another. There are generally multiple factions active at one time.
Since the promotion started to run independently in 2004, Dragon Gate has functioned on having a vast majority of its roster aligned with one unit or another. There are generally multiple factions active at one time.
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* Nico Nico Douga (2016-present, streaming untelevised spot-shows and interviews)
* Nico Nico Douga (2016-present, streaming untelevised spot-shows and interviews)
* [[Dragon Gate Network]] (streaming service, in partnership with Gaora, broadcasting most Dragon Gate shows live, as well as on-demand classic)
* [[Dragon Gate Network]] (streaming service, in partnership with Gaora, broadcasting most Dragon Gate shows live, as well as on-demand classic)
==Unit History==
Since the start of Dragon Gate until now, the first six units were formed before like [[Crazy MAX]], [[Florida Express]], [[Aagan Iisou]], [[Italian Connection]], [[M2K#Final M2K|Final M2K]] and [[Do FIXER]]. The other units are since their formation until their disbanding.
* ■ Founding member
* ▲ Left the unit
* ▼ joined the unit
* ● rejoined the unit
* ★ Leader
{| class="wikitable" style="width: 100%;"
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2004
| rowspan="7" style="text-align: center; background-color:#6ff" |[[M2K|Final M2K]]<br />(July 4, 2004- January 14, 2007)<br /><small>★■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[Susumu Yokosuka]]<br />■ [[K-ness]]<br />■ [[Kenichiro Arai]]<br />▼▲ [[Naruki Doi|Second Doi/Naruki Doi]]<br />▼▲ [[YAMATO|Yamato Onedera]]</small>
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#444" |[[Crazy MAX]]<br />(July 4, 2004 - November 28, 2004)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[CIMA]]<br />▼ [[TARU]]<br />■ [[SUWA]]<br />■ ▲● [[Don Fujii]]<br />▼ [[Shingo Takagi]]</small>
| rowspan="7" style="text-align: center; background-color:#a0a" |[[Do FIXER]]<br />(July 4, 2004 - February 2007)<br /><br /><small>■</small><small>▼ [[Ryo Saito]]<br />▼ [[Dragon Kid]]</small><br /><small>■</small><small>★▲▼[[Magnum Tokyo|Magnum TOKYO]]</small><br /><small>■</small><small>▲ [[Genki Horiguchi]]</small><small>▲▼</small><small> [[Naoki Tanizaki]]</small>
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#0a0" |[[Italian Connection]]<br />(July 4, 2004 - March 2005)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Milano Collection AT]]<br />■ [[Masato Yoshino|YOSSINO]]<br />▼ [[Anthony W. Mori]]</small>
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f22" |[[Aagan Iisou]]<br />(July 4, 2004 - December 31, 2004)<br /><br /><small>★▲[[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■★ [[Shuji Kondo]]<br />■ [["brother" YASSHI]]<br />■ [[Toru Owashi]]<br />■ [[Shogo Takagi]]</small><br />▼<small>[[Takuya Sugawara]]</small>
| rowspan="13" style="text-align: center; background-color:#668cff" |[[Florida Express]]<br />(July 4, 2004 - July 11, 2010)<br /><br /><small>★▲ [[Taku Iwasa|Michael Iwasa]]<br />■ [[Raimu Mishima|Daniel Mishima]]<br />■ [[Takayuki Yagi|Johnson Florida]]<br />■ [[Kensuke Sasaki|Kenskee Sasaki]]<br />■ [[Kouji Shishido|Jackson Florida]]</small>
| rowspan="6" |
| rowspan="24" |
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2004
| rowspan="1" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f2f2f2" |[[Iron Perms]]<br />(September 19, 2004 - November 11, 2004)<br /><small>★▲ [[Don Fujii]]<br />■ [[Naoki Tanizaki]]<br />■ [[Naruki Doi|Second Doi]]</small>
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; background-color:#8c8c8c" |[[Waku Waku Fuji Land]](November 2004 - January 14, 2005)<br /><small>★▲ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Don Fujii]]<br />■ [[Stalker Ichikawa]]<br />■ [[Super Shisa]]<br />■ [[Shingo Takagi]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2005
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#444" |[[Blood Generation]]<br />(January 14, 2005 - April 23, 2006)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Don Fujii]]<br />■ [[Shingo Takagi]]</small><br /><small>▼<small>▲</small></small><small> [[Gamma]]</small><br /><small>▼<small>▲</small></small><small> [[Naoki Tanizaki]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>▲ [[Naruki Doi]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>▲ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />▼▲ [[Magnitude Kishiwada]]</small>
| rowspan="2" |
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#fff" |[[Pos.HEARTS]]<br />(March 28, 2005 - February 23, 2007)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Anthony W. Mori]]<br />■ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />■ [[Super Shisa]]<br />■ ▲ [[Magnum Tokyo]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2005
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2006
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#444" |[[Blood Generation]](CIMA's new version)<br />(April 23, 2006 - January 14, 2007)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Don Fujii]]</small><br /><small>■ [[Shingo Takagi]]</small><br /><small>▼ [[Matt Sydal]]<br />▼ [[Jack Evans]]<br />▼▲[[BxB Hulk]]<br />▼<small>▲</small> [[Roderick Strong]]</small>
| rowspan="6" style="text-align: center; background-color:#ffff00 " |[[Tozawa-juku]]<br />(April 12, 2006 - November 16, 2008)<br /><small>★■ [[Akira Tozawa]]<br />■[[Taku Iwasa]]<br />▼[[Kenichiro Arai]]<br />▼[[Kouji Shishido]]<br />▼[[Shinobu]]</small><br /><small>▼▲ [[El Generico]]<br />▲[[Yuki Ono]]<br />▼▲[[Takayuki Mori]]</small>
| rowspan="4" style="text-align: center; color:white; background-color:#33f" |<span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Muscle Outlaw'z]]</span><br />(April 23, 2006 - May 14, 2008)
<br /><small>★■ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Gamma]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Magnitude Kishiwada]]</span><br /><small>▼</small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Yasushi Kanda]]</span><br /><small>▼ </small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Genki Horiguchi]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Dr. Muscle]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Naruki Doi]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Masato Yoshino]]</span><br />■ <small>▲ </small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Naoki Tanizaki]]</span><br />▼ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[YAMATO]]</span><br />▼<small>▲</small> <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Cyber Kong]]</span><br />▼ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Kinta Tamaoka|Kinta Tamaoaka]]</span><br />▼<small>▲ </small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Arik Cannon]]</span><br />▼<small>▲</small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Pentagon Black]]</span><br />▼▲ <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">{{black|Kevin Steen}}</span><br />▼<small>▲ </small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">{{black|Muscle Gang}}</span><br />▼<small>▲ </small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Jimmy Rave]]</span><br />▼<small>▲ </small><span style="background-color:#FFFF00">[[Jack Evans]]</span><small> </small></small>
| rowspan="6" style="text-align: center; background-color:#999999" |[[Renaissance]]<br />(2006 - January 7, 2007)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Magnum Tokyo]]<br />■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[Don Fujii]]<br />■ [[Yasushi Kanda]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2006
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2007
| colspan="1" rowspan="4" style="text-align: center; background-color:#a0a" |[[Typhoon]]<br />(January 21, 2007
- December 28, 2008)<br /><small>★■ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Dragon Kid]]<br />■ [[Susumu Yokosuka]]<br />■ [[Ryo Saito]]<br />■ [[Anthony W. Mori]]<br />▼[[PAC]]<br />▼▲ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />▼▲ [[Shingo Takagi]]</small>
| colspan="1" rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#ff66b3" |[[Mushozoku]]<br />(2007 - February 24, 2008)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[K-ness.]]<br />■ [[Don Fujii]]<br />■ [[Magnitude Kishiwada]]</small>
| colspan="1" rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f33" |[[New Hazard]]<br />(April 17, 2007 - May 14, 2008)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Shingo Takagi]]<br />■ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />■ [[Cyber Kong]]<br />▲ [[YAMATO]]<br />▼▲ [[Jack Evans]]<br />▼▲ [[Shinobu]]<br />▼▲ [[El Generico]]<br />▼▲ [[Austin Aries]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2007
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2008
| rowspan="4" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#33f" |<span style="background-color:red">[[Real Hazard]]</span><br />(May 14, 2008 - March 3, 2010)<br /><br /><small>★■ <small>▲</small><span style="background-color:red">[[Shingo Takagi]]</span><br />★■<small>▲</small><span style="background-color:red">[[YAMATO]]</span><br />■ <small>▲</small><span style="background-color:red">[[Gamma]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:red">[[Yasushi Kanda]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small><span style="background-color:red">[[Kenichiro Arai]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small><span style="background-color:red">[[Takuya Sugawara]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small><span style="background-color:red">[[Kzy]]</span><br />■<small>▲</small> <span style="background-color:red">[[Genki Horiguchi]]</span><br />▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Cyber Kong]]</span></small>
<small>▼▲</small><small> <span style="background-color:red">[[Susumu Yokosuka]]</span></small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small> <span style="background-color:red">[[K-ness.]]</span></small><br /><small>★</small><small>▼▲</small><small><span style="background-color:red">[[Ryo Saito]]</span></small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small><span style="background-color:red">[[Jimmy Kagetora|KAGETORA]]</span></small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small><span style="background-color:red">[[Katsuo|Cyber Kongcito]]</span></small>
| rowspan="6" style="text-align: center; background-color:#E6E6E6" |[[WORLD-1]]<br />(May 31, 2008 - April 14, 2011)<br /><br /><small>★■▲ [[Naruki Doi]]<br />★■ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />■ [[BxB Hulk]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Susumu Yokosuka]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[K-ness.]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[PAC]]<br />■</small><small>▲</small><small> [[Kzy|m.c.KZ.]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Kotoka]]<br />■<small>▲</small> [[Naoki Tanizaki]]</small>
| rowspan="6" style="text-align: center; background-color:#ff66b3" |[[Veteran-Gun]]<br />(2008 - April 24, 2011)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[Don Fujii]]<br />■<small>▲</small>[[Magnitude Kishiwada]]</small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small>[[Akebono]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>[[Kenichiro Arai]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Super Shisa]]</small>
| rowspan="15" |
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2008
| rowspan="7" |
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2009
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; background-color:#080" |[[WARRIORS|WARRIORS-5]]<br />(March 1, 2009
- February 27, 2010)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Gamma]]<br />▼ [[Dragon Kid]]<br />■▲ [[Susumu Yokosuka]]<br />■▲ [[Jimmy Kagetora|KAGETORA]]<br />▼▲ [[YO-HEY|RYOMA]]</small>
| rowspan="4" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f33" |[[KAMIKAZE]]<br />(January 11, 2009 - May 12, 2011)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Shingo Takagi]]<br />■ [[Taku Iwasa]]<br />■[[Akira Tozawa]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[YAMATO]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Cyber Kong]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>[[Jimmy Kagetora|KAGETORA]]<br />▼▲ [[El Generico]]<br />■</small><small>▲</small><small> [[Dragon Kid]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>▲</small><small> [[Kenshin Chikano]]</small>
| rowspan="8" |
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2009
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2010
| style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#444" |<span style="background-color:">[[Deep Drunkers]]</span><br />(March 3, 2010 - October 13, 2010)<br /><br /><small>★■ <span style="background-color:">[[Kenichiro Arai]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:">[[Yasushi Kanda]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:">[[Takuya Sugawara]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:">[[Kzy]]</span><br />▼ <span style="background-color:">[[Naoki Tanizaki]]</span></small>
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center; background-color:#080" |[[WARRIORS]]<br />(February 27, 2010 - January 14, 2011)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Dragon Kid]]<br />■ [[Genki Horiguchi]]</small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small> [[Ryo Saito]]</small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small> [[Ricochet]]</small><br /><small>▼▲</small><small> [[Luke Harper|Brodie Lee]]</small><br /><small>■</small><small>▲ [[Gamma]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2010
| style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#33f" |<span style="background-color:#444">[[Blood Warriors|Naruki Doi Unamed Unit]]</span><br />(October 13, 2010 - January 14, 2011)<br /><br /><small>★■ <span style="background-color:#444">[[Naruki Doi]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#444">[[Yasushi Kanda]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#444">[[Takuya Sugawara]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#444">[[Naoki Tanizaki]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:#444">[[Kzy]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small> <span style="background-color:#444">[[Gamma]]</span></small>
| rowspan="3" |
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2011
| colspan="2" rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#33f" |<span style="background-color:red">[[Blood Warriors]]</span><br />(January 14, 2011 - March 1, 2012)<br /><br /><small>★▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[CIMA]]</span><br />★■ <span style="background-color:red">[[Naruki Doi]]</span><br />★<small>▼</small> <span style="background-color:red">[[Akira Tozawa]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:red">[[Naoki Tanizaki]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:red">[[Luke Harper|Brodie Lee]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small> <span style="background-color:red">[[BxB Hulk]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small> <span style="background-color:red">[[Tomahawk TT]]</span></small><br /><small>▼</small><small> <span style="background-color:red">[[Kzy]]</span><br /><small>▼</small><span style="background-color:red">[[Uhaa Nation]]</span><br />■ ▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Gamma]]</span><br />■ ▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Dragon Kid]]</span><br />■ ▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Yasushi Kanda]]</span><br />■ ▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Ryo Saito]]</span><br />■ ▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Genki Horiguchi]]</span><br />■ ▲ <span style="background-color:red">[[Ricochet]]</span><br />▼▲● <span style="background-color:red">[[Cyber Kong]]</span></small>
| colspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#0a0" |[[Junction Three|Masaaki Mochizuki Army]]<br />(April 24, 2011 - June 8, 2011)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />■ [[Susumu Yokosuka]]<br />■ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />■ [[PAC]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Dragon Kid]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Super Shisa]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Shingo Takagi]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[YAMATO]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Jimmy Kagetora|KAGETORA]]</small><br /><small>▼ </small><small>[[Rich Swann]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2011
| colspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#0a0" |[[Junction Three]]<br />(June 8, 2011 - February 9, 2012)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[Dragon Kid]]<br />■ [[Super Shisa]]<br />■ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />■ [[Shingo Takagi|Shingo Takagi]]<br />■ [[YAMATO]]<br />■ [[PAC]]<br />■ [[Rich Swann]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Kagetora]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Susumu]]<br />■▲ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />▼▲ [[Gamma]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |Start
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#fff" |[[WindowsMG]]<br />(May 10, 2012 - July 22, 2013)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Kenichiro Arai]]<br />■ [[K-ness.]]<br />■ [[Super Shisa]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Kotoka]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>▲ [[Shisa BOY]]</small>
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f0f" |[[World-1 International]]<br />(March 25, 2012 - September 12, 2013)<br /><br /><small>★▲ [[Naruki Doi]]<br />★■ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />■ [[Ricochet]]<br />■ [[Rich Swann]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>[[Shachihoko BOY]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Johnny Gargano]]<br /><small>▲ [[PAC]]</small> </small>
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f33" |[[-akatsuki-]]<br />(April 19, 2012 - August 1, 2013)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Shingo Takagi]]<br />■ [[Yosuke Watanabe|Super Shelong III]]<br />■ [[Chihiro Tominaga]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Cyber Kong]]<br />■▲[[YAMATO]]</small>
| rowspan="12" style="text-align: center; background-color:#a0a" |[[Jimmyz]]<br />(March 3, 2012-September 18, 2017)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Jimmy Susumu]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Kagetora]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Jimmy K-ness J.K.S.]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Jimmy Kanda]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Ryo "Jimmy" Saito]]</small><br /><small>▼ </small><small>[[Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!]]<br />▼▲ [[Mr. Kyu Kyu Naoki Tanizaki Toyonaka Dolphin]] </small>
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#357EC7" | <span style="background-color:white">[[Team Veteran Returns]]</span><br />(February 26, 2012-July 2013)<br /><br /><small>★■ <span style="background-color:white">[[CIMA]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Gamma]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Masaaki Mochizuki]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Don Fujii]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Dragon Kid]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">■[["Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa]]</span><br />▼▲<span style="background-color:white">[[Magnitude Kishiwada]]</span><br />▼▲<span style="background-color:white">[[HUB]]</span><br />▼▲<span style="background-color:white">[[Taka Michinoku]]</span><br />▼▲<span style="background-color:white">[[Sanshiro Takagi]]</span></small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End
| colspan="2" rowspan="6" style="text-align: center; background-color:#ff0" |[[Mad Blankey]]<br />(March 1, 2012 - August 16, 2015)<br /><br /><small>▼ [[Naruki Doi]]<br />★▼ [[YAMATO]]<br />★■▲ [[Akira Tozawa]]<br />▼ [[Mondai Ryu]]<br />▼ [[Punch Tominaga]]<br />■ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />■▲● [[Cyber Kong]]<br />■▲ [[Kzy]]<br />■▲ [[T-Hawk|Mr. Pii Pii Tomakomai Penguin/Naoki Tanisaki]]<br />▼ Scott Read<br />▼ [[CIMA]]<br />▼ [[Gamma]]<br />▼ [[Don Fujii]]<br />▼ [[K-ness.]]<br />▼Larry Dallas<br />■ [[Uhaa Nation]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2013
| rowspan="1" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#444" |[[M2K]]<br />(June 5, 2013 - June 16, 2013)<br /><br /><small>■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[K-ness.]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Susumu]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Kanda]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2013
| rowspan="4" style="text-align: center; background-color:#0a0" |[[Millennials]]<br />(July 21, 2013-August 6, 2015)<br /><br /><small>■ [[Eita]]<br />★■ [[T-Hawk]]<br />■ [[U-T]]<br />■ [[Flamita]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Kotoka]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[El Lindaman]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>[[Yosuke♥Santa Maria]]<br />■ [[Rocky Lobo]]</small>
| colspan="2" rowspan="7" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f50" |[[Monster Express]]<br />(August 30, 2013-October 12, 2016)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />■ [[Akira Tozawa]]<br />■▲ [[Shingo Takagi]]<br />■▲ [[Ricochet]]<br />■ [[Shachihoko BOY]]<br />▼[[Big R Shimizu]]<br />▼ [[Peter Kaasa]]<br />■▲[[Uhaa Nation]]<br />▼▲ [[T-Hawk]]<br />▼▲[[Anthony Nese]]</small>
| rowspan="3" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#357EC7" |<span style="background-color:white">[[We Are Team Veteran]]</span><br />(July 2013 - November 6, 2014)<br /><br /><small>★■ <span style="background-color:white">[[CIMA]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Gamma]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Don Fujii]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[K-ness.]]</span><br />▼ <span style="background-color:white">[[Super Shisa]]</span><br />▼ <span style="background-color:white">[[Kenichiro Arai]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Masaaki Mochizuki]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[[Dragon Kid]]</span><br />■ <span style="background-color:white">[["Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa]]</span></small>
| rowspan="2" |
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2014
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2014
| rowspan="4" style="text-align: center; background-color:#E6E6E6" |[[Dia.HEARTS]]<br />(September 9, 2014 - February 4, 2016)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]<br />■ [[Dragon Kid]]<br />▼ [[Kzy]]<br />▼ [[Big R Shimizu]]<br />▼ [[Flamita]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2015
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2015
| colspan="3" rowspan="5" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f33" |[[VerserK]]<br />(August 30, 2015-January 13, 2018)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Shingo Takagi]]<br />■ [[Cyber Kong|Cyber Kong/Takashi Yoshida]]</small><br /><small>▲</small><small>■ [[Mondai Ryu]]</small><br /><small>★</small><small>▼</small><small> [[T-Hawk]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [["brother" YASSHI]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small>▲[[Naoki Tanizaki]]</small><br /><small>★</small><small>▼ </small><small>[[El Lindaman]]</small><br /><small>▼ </small><small>[[Yasushi Kanda]]</small><br /><small>■▲ [[Naruki Doi]]</small><br /><small>■▲●▲</small><small> [[Punch Tominaga]]<br />■▲ [[YAMATO]]</small><br /><small>★</small><small>■▲● [[Eita]]<br />■▲ [[Kotoka]]</small>
| rowspan="6" style="text-align: center;background-color:#00CC00" |[[Over Generation]]<br />(October 8, 2015-July 5, 2018)<br /><br /><small>★■▲ [[CIMA]]<br />■ [[Gamma]]<br />■▲ [[Eita]]<br />■▲ [[Punch Tominaga]]<br />■ [[Kaito Ishida]]<br />■▲ [[Takehiro Yamamura]]</small><br /><small>▼</small><small> [[Dragon Kid]]<br />■▲ [[El Lindaman]]</small><br /><small>▼ [[Mondai Ryu]]</small>
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: center;background-color:#ffc34d" |[[SUMØWZ]]<br />(October 8, 2015 - March 5, 2016)<br /><small>★■ [[Don Fujii|SUMO Fujii]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Susumu|SUMO Susumu]]<br />■ [[Punch Tominaga|SUMO Hagetora]]<br />■ [[Jimmy Kanda|SUMO Kanda]]<br />■ [[Genki Horiguchi|Genki Horiguchi S.U.M.O/Genki Horiguchi S.U.M.Ooo]]<br />■ [[Ryo Saito|Ryo "SUMO" Saito]]<br />■ [[K-ness.|SUMO K-ness S.K.S.]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2016
| rowspan="9" style="text-align: center; background-color:#080" |[[Tribe Vanguard]]<br />(May 5, 2016-Present)<br /><br /><small>■ [[BxB Hulk]]<br />★■ [[YAMATO]]<br />■▲ [[Kzy]]<br />■[[Yosuke♥Santa Maria]]<br />▼ [[Flamita]]<br />▼ [[U-T]]<br />▼ [[Kagetora]]</small>
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| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2017
| colspan="2" rowspan="9" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#000000" |[[MaxiMuM]]<br />(April 7, 2017-Present)<br /><small>★■ [[Naruki Doi]]</small><br /><small>★■ [[Masato Yoshino]]<br />■▲ [[Kotoka]]<br />■▲ [[Big R Shimizu]]<br />■▲ [[Ben-K]]<br />▼ [[Jason Lee]]<br />▼ [[Dragon Kid]]<br />▼▲ [[Kaito Ishida]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2017
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2018
| colspan="3" style="text-align: center; color:#fff; background-color:#f33" |
[[ANTIAS]]<br />(January 13, 2018-September 24, 2018)<br /><br /><small>★■ [[Shingo Takagi]]<br />■ [[Takashi Yoshida]]</small><br /><small>★■▲ </small><small> [[T-Hawk]]</small><br /><small>★■▲ </small><small>[[El Lindaman]]</small><br /><small>■ </small><small>[[Yasushi Kanda]]</small><br /><small>★■ [[Eita]]</small><br /><small>▲▼ [[Magnitude Kishiwada]] </small><br /><small>▲▼ [[Masato Tanaka]]</small><br /><small>▼ [[Ben-K]]</small><br /><small>▼ [[Big R Shimizu]]</small>
| rowspan="13" style="text-align: center; color:white; background-color:#ff0" |[[Natural Vibes]]<br />(May 3, 2018-Present)<br /><br /><small>■ [["brother" YASSHI]]<br />★■ [[Kzy]]</small><br /><small>■ </small><small> [[Punch Tominaga]]</small><br /><small>■ </small><small>[[Genki Horiguchi]]</small><br /><small>■ </small><small>[[Susumu Yokosuka]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |End 2018
| colspan="3" rowspan="9" style="text-align: center; background-color:#f33" |
[[R.E.D]]<br />(September 24, 2018-Present)<br /><small>■ [[Takashi Yoshida]]</small><br /><small>■<small>▲</small> </small><small>[[Yasushi Kanda]]</small><br /><small>★■ [[Eita]]<br />■▲ [[Ben-K]]<br />■ [[Big R Shimizu]]<br />■ [[Kazma Sakamoto]]<br />▼ [[PAC]]<br />▲▼ [[Keisuke Okuda]]<br />▼ Daga</small><br /><small>▼ [[H.Y.O]]</small><br /><small>▼ [[Kaito Ishida]]</small>
| rowspan="9" style="text-align: center; color:white; background-color:#000000" |[[Mochizuki Dojo]]<br />(August 7, 2018-Present)<br /><small>★■ [[Masaaki Mochizuki]]</small><br /><small>■▲ </small><small>[[Shun Skywalker]]</small><br /><small>■▲ [[Hyou Watanabe]]<br />■ [[Yuki Yoshioka]]<br />▼ [[Kota Minoura]]<br />▼ [[Keisuke Okuda]]</small>
| style="text-align: center;" |Start 2019
| style="text-align: center; color:white; background-color:#000000" |[[Strong Machines]]<br />(April 10, 2019-Present)<br /><br /><small>■ [[Don Fujii|Strong Machine F]]<br />■ [[Gamma|Strong Machine G]]<br />■ Strong Machine J<br />■★ Shogun KY Wakamatsu</small>

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Dragon Gate Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Doragon Gēto Entāteimento kabushiki-gaisha
Acronym DG
Type Private
Industry Professional wrestling
Lucha Libre
Streaming media
Corporate number 4140001020186
Founded July 5, 2004
Founder(s) Takashi Okamura
Owner(s) Toru Kido
Headquarters Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Area served Worldwide
  • Television
  • Music
  • Merchandise
  • Streaming network service
  • Live events
Revenue Increase ¥60 million
Sister Dragon Gate USA
Dragon Gate UK
Formerly Toryumon Japan
Number of employees 50
Website Official Japanese Website

Dragon Gate Entertainment Co., Ltd. (ドラゴンゲートエンターテイメント株式会社, Doragon Gēto Entāteimento kabushiki-gaisha) operating as Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling (ドラゴンゲートプロレス, Doragon Gēto Puroresu) and often referred to as Dragon Gate (ドラゴンゲート, Doragon Gēto), is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion formerly known as Toryumon Japan. It stayed behind after Último Dragón left Toryumon and took the name and rights with him in 2004 Most of Dragon Gate's wrestlers were graduates from Último Dragón's Toryumon Gym, and thus the promotion is based on a Junior Heavyweight style with varying emphasis on high flying manoeuvres, flashy technical grappling, and submissions. Takashi Okamura served as has served as the President of the promotion since it's creation, until Nobuhiko Oshima took over the presidency of the promotion, after Okamura left the promotion on May 7, 2018. Toru Kido serves as the President of Dragon Gate Entertainment a parent company formed to take over all domestic operations. Shortly after, the attendence for the shows in 2018 started to decrease, especially in the Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival. In 2019, Dragon Gate celebrated its 20th anniversary, culminating with Último Dragón making his return to the promotion and becoming a senior advisor for the promotion.

Since its creation, Dragon Gate is one of a few promotions to be broadcasted by GAORA. Dragon Gate is arguably the second largest wrestling promotion in Japan, in terms of attendance and revenue. Dragon Gate has also engaged in working agreements with other promotions around Japan, including DDT Pro-Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and also around the world, including AAA and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Dragon Gate's biggest event is the Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival, which celebrates the anniversary of Dragon Gate.



Establishing in Japan (2004–2005)

In early June 2004, it was announced that Ultimo Dragon, who just returned from a one-year stint with WWE, leaving the Toryumon Japan promotion and taking the Toryumon name since he owned the rights. The last show was promoted under the Toryumon name that took take place at the fifth anniversary show "Vo Aniversario" at World Memorial Hall in Kobe on July 4. Takashi Okamura, was serving as the Director of Toryumon Japan while Ultimo was in WWE, then he announced that the promotion would continue on independently as Dragon Gate.

Naming the promotion Dragon Gate was itself taken from the meaning of the word Toryumon itself. The word was coined after the homonym that is translated as climbing up dragon gate, which means the gateway to success.

Following the split, Dragon Gate immediately went on to work, launching the Every Day Pro Wrestling project. As part of the Fuji Television "Adventure King" as an attraction in Tokyo, Dragon Gate wrestlers would wrestle two shows per day throughout July and August, often having two or three matches per show. They would hold the larger scale "Premium" shows once a week during this time. The project was a success and it brought in new fans to Dragon Gate and wrestling in general. They would hold a second in 2005, which further increased the fanbase.

The promotion reached a very intriguing predicament by the end of 2004 and going into the start of 2005 as several key wrestlers left, either by their own or by being fired. Those who left were Milano Collection AT, SUWA, TARU, and the entire Aagan Iisou unit, the latter group has been the main heels of the promotion. Also, the highly popular and revolutionary Crazy MAX unit had folded due to SUWA's departure. Following a bad period in the month of January in 2005, company ace CIMA would turn heel and start a new unit called Blood Generation that got the promotion back on track.

International expansion (2005–2015)

That year also saw the foundations for expansion outside of Japan, a very ambitious concept for a company that was nearly a year into its independent existence. CIMA, along with first Dragon Gate trueborn's graduate Shingo Takagi, traveled to the United States to wrestle in ROH. In November, they ran a show in Kanan, China that drew 3,500 attendance, setting the creation of plans to run shows in the United States and South Korea. Also in November, Mexican gaijin Vangelis and King Shisa, who would later reveal to be Pentagon Black, appeared in Dragon Gate and were followed by American gaijin Jack Evans and Roderick Strong. This would set the tone for the promotion, previously under isolationist principles, for the most part, opening their doors to outside talent from 2006 onward.

Dragon Gate sended talent to ROH and PWG in 2006 where they immediately won the heart of American fans, through which produced the legendary Blood Generation vs. Do FIXER in a six-man tag team match on March 31, 2006 in Chicago Ridge, Illinois that won acclaimed and earned Match of the Year honours of the Wrestling Observer as well as a prestigious five-star rating from its chief editor Dave Meltzer. In addition, Dragon Gate would a start series of events called WrestleJAM, bringing together wrestlers from Japan, America, and Mexico to celebrate and showcase their in-ring styles.

On January 6, 2008 CIMA announced at the end of a PWG show that Dragon Gate would be running their first US show in Los Angeles later that year. It would take place on September 5, 2008 in Bell Gardens, which they followed with a show in Waikiki, Hawaii the next day. This would lay the expansion for the launch of Dragon Gate USA the following year. Also in 2008 since Naoki Tanizaki's return to the promotion, Dragon Gate started to allow their wrestlers to compete elsewhere in Japan.

Despite an unfortunate incident that was made public in mid-2009, Dragon Gate continued to grow stronger than ever with increasing fanbases in Japan and in the United States following the first Dragon Gate USA show on July 25 in the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, they ran the first of what would become the annual visits to Europe, in particular, the United Kingdom, in October and November, later it was created a sister promotion called Dragon Gate UK that increased the fanbase in Europe including BxB Hulk making the first ever title defense of The Open The Freedom Gate Championship in Japan on December 12 against Susumu Yokosuka. Dragon Gate also produced one show in Barcelona, Spain in October 2009 named Open the Spanish Gate. Later 2014 Dragon Gate hold their last show in the UK and since then it wasn't held any shows in the UK. On August 15, 2015 Dragon Gate ended their expansion in the USA in order to Gabe Sapolsky focus more on Evolve.

Open The Dream Gate Championship accident (2015)

On July 21, following the Kobe World Pro Wrestling Festival, it was reported that Open The Dream Gate Championship has been lost. Following this, it was immediately reported to the police the incident. All championship titles were locked in aluminium suitcases. All titles were found, except for the Open The Dream Gate Championship which as declared stolen. The situation was declared to be further investigated and Takashi Okamura made the highest priority finding the championship, leading to the promotion ordering a new title.

Dragon Gate restructure (2018–Present)

It was reported, in October Okamura became sick and he would perhaps retire by the end of the year. During the period of Dragon Gate USA, Okamura and Nobuhiko Oshima always had discussions over the International expansion of Dragon Gate, but Okamura was not concerned Internationally but only in Japan. He also wasn't fully committed on the partnership with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. On March 21, 2018, at Memorial Gate in Wakayama, Dragon Gate announced Dragon Gate Network, a new streaming site for the promotion's events.

On May 7, Takashi Okamura announced his withdrawal from the promotion due to medical issues. As a result, it was formed a parent company called "Dragon Gate Entertainment, Inc." where Toru Kido was appointed as president and would also serve as executive director of the promotion. Kido would also take over all domestic operations, while Nobuhiko Oshima would take over the role of president of "Dragon Gate Inc.", the international department of the promotion with the Headquarters in Shangai, China. Oshima would bring with him three wrestlers from the promotion to work for Oriental Wrestling Entertainment in Shanghai, China, where they would be signed Dragon Gate Entertainment. Dragon Gate would be based in Shanghai, with the purpose of being coordinated with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and other international bookings. Dragon Gate would solely focus on Japan. Kido also created a board of directors to turn the company over with Masato Yoshino, Yoshiyuki Saito and Takayuki Mori taking part in it. There were some reports claiming that Dragon Gate had a formal split with Oshima and Kido having two sides, despite Kido denying them.

On July 22, it was also announced that Dragon Gate would hold live events in Hong Kong on October 22 and 23 and later securing a venue to run regular events. The shows will also be streamed on the Dragon Gate Network. On December 26, Dragon Gate announced a television deal with MBS TV, beginning on January 9, 2019, with the creation of a new program called Cutting Edge Battle Dragon Gate. Each episode would be 30 minutes long and would air at 2:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. On February 10, Dragon Gate held their last show in the Hakata Star Lanes, before the arena being demolished. 

From the beginning of 2019, Dragon Gate started celebrating its 20th anniversary when the promotion was founded as Toryumon Japan. Throughout the celebration, various wrestlers who worked for the promotion in the past or graduated as part of the Toryumon classes, which included wrestlers who worked for its splinter promotions part of the Dragon System such as Toryumon 2000 Project returned to the promotion such as Shuji Kondo, Takuya Sugawara, Toru Owashi as part of the celebration. The celebration culminated on July 21 at Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival, with the founder of the promotion Último Dragón making his return to the promotion. Afterwards, Drágon returned to the promotion full-time, while also becoming a senior advisor.

On October 1, it was annnounced that Cutting Edge Battle Dragon Gate would change the airing schedule from 2:30 a.m. on Wednesdays to 2:50 a.m. on Sundays. On December 4, Dragon Gate unveild its new logo, while also announcing that Dragon Gate Entertainment Inc would be changing its name to DRAGONGATE Inc., as part of a plan to expand the fanbase for company into overseas markets.


Since the promotion started to run independently in 2004, Dragon Gate has functioned on having a vast majority of its roster aligned with one unit or another. There are generally multiple factions active at one time.

Tribe Vanguard4


Name Role
Eiichi Fujimoto Photographer
Katsuya Ichikawa Play-by-play commentary and backstage interviewer
Mr. Nakagawa Referee
Naoto Kikuchi Ring announcer
Shoki Ono Ring announcer
Nobuhiko Oshima President
Takayuki Yagi Referee and general manager
Tatsunori Ohya Referee
Toru Kido Senior managing director
President of Dragon Gate Entertainment
Yatsuka Nakazawa Dragon Gate Records

Yoshihiro Asai

Senior Advisor



  • Gaora (2004-present, broadcasting monthly show and live specials)
  • Dragon Gate Infinity (2000-present, broadcasting live and taped shows)
  • Nico Nico Douga (2016-present, streaming untelevised spot-shows and interviews)
  • Dragon Gate Network (streaming service, in partnership with Gaora, broadcasting most Dragon Gate shows live, as well as on-demand classic)


Active Championships

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held
Open The Dream Gate Championship Ben-Kdream Ben-K 1 July 21, 2019 255+
Open The Triangle Gate Championship MachineArmyTriangle Strong Machines
(Strong Machine J, Strong Machine F and Strong Machine G)
1 July 21, 2019 255+
Open The Brave Gate Championship IshidaBraveMMM Kaito Ishida 1 November 4, 2019 149+
Open The Twin Gate Championship EitaShimizuTwin R.E.D
(Eita and Big R Shimizu)
1 July 21, 2019 255+

Inactive Championships

Championship Last Champion(s) Date Won Notes
I-J Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi October 12, 2007 Unified with Open The Twin Gate Championship on October 12, 2007
Open The Owarai Twin Gate Championship Don Fujii and Kikutaro April 12, 2009 Has seemingly been forgotten about after its first appearance
Open The Owarai Gate Championship Shingo Takagi March 6, 2018 The title became inactive after Takagi escaped the Dead or Alive seven-way steel cage match, where if Takagi escaped the championship would be declared inactive.
International Junior Heavyweight Championship Masaaki Mochizuki November 23, 2006 Mochizuki beat Gedo in a decision match on January 26, 2007 to determine the then final champion and then retired the title.


Tournament Last winner Last held
King of Gate Ben-K June 8, 2019


Promotion name Location Partnered on Notes
Dragon Gate NEX Japan 2006 Active
Dragon Gate USA United States 2009 Inactive
Dragon Gate UK United Kingdom 2009 Inactive


Marquee events

Marquee tours

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