Dragon Gate NEX
Acronym DGNEX
Founder(s) Takashi Okumura
Owner(s) Takashi Okumura
Headquarters Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Parent Gaora

Dragon Gate NEX, is a live show produced by Dragon Gate, which exclusively features the promotion's rookie wrestlers and some talent of the Dragon Gate main roster.


In 2006, the NEX project was announced. It would be a series of shows and events that would focus on the recent graduates of the Dragon Gate Dojo, allowing for them to gain experience in ability while also being seen as the main attraction of a show. Virtually all of the shows take place in the Dragon Gate Arena, the main training ring at the Dragon Gate offices in Kobe, Japan.

In addition to the recent graduates, comedy characters, gaijin talent, and any freelance wrestler currently on tour in Japan will also compete on these shows. The occasional main card member of the roster will also compete. This is done to enhance the experience to be gained for the trainees and teach the outsiders in how to compete in the Dragon System of wrestling.

The vast majority of NEX shows are called "Sanctuary" and they are held twice a month. They generally draw an attendance of around 90 fans due to the limited size and space of the venue. There are also special shows called "Premium," which are the equivalent in atmosphere of pay-per-view. These shows involve the main card members of the roster and will draw up to 100 in the attendance. Early in NEX, they ran two anniversary shows at Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan, although this has since been discontinued.


Tournament Last winner Last held
NEX-1 Tournament mcKZ January 28, 2008
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