Dragon Gate Network
Launched March 21, 2018 (2018-03-21)
Owned by Dragon Gate
Picture format 720p HD
Language Japanese
Broadcast area Worldwide
Headquarters Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Website Official Website

Dragon Gate Network is a OTT streaming service owned by professional wrestling promotion Dragon Gate (DG). Dragon Gate Network was formally announced on March 21, 2018[1] and officially launched on April 1, 2018. Dragon Gate Network operates similarly to New Japan Pro Wrestling's NJPW World and DDT Pro-Wrestling's DDT Universe. The service also features matches from the promotion's archives, dating back to 2014 and it also features all Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival dating back to 2005. Unlike its competitor's some membership, tiers must pay extra to see a live broadcast of the pay-per-view events.[2]

Dragon Gate Network has a pricing model that is currently one plan.[2] The Regular membership tier includes Dragon Gate videotape library and past pay-per-view events and provides live-streaming access to all future pay-per-view events and the Dragon Gate Studio which includes the Prime Zone events with no additional costs for the price of ¥1500.[2] The Light membership tier only includes archives of Dragon Gate videotape library and past pay-per-view events and, was available for a price of ¥999.[2] Tiers were available for a monthly subscription until October 31, Dragon Gate announced that it would pass everything into the first tier, with users of the light tier having it available until March 21, 2019, having to later change the plan or close their account.[2][3] The service also includes documentary interviews and some special programs.[4] In December, Dragon Gate announced the Dragon Gate Network Awards for wrestlers in their promotion containing four categories, with the result being revealed in January 2019.[5][6] In 2019 Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival marked the first ever event on Dragon Gate Network to feature English commentary, provided by Larry Dallas and Rich Bocchini.

Dragon Gate Network Awards[edit | edit source]

MVP Award[edit | edit source]

Year Winner Stable
2018 Eita REDlogo.png R.E.D

Best Tag Team Award (ベストタッグ, Besutotaggu)[edit | edit source]

Year Winner Stable
2018 YAMATO and BxB Hulk Tribe Vanguard3.png Tribe Vanguard

Rookie of the Year Award (ルーキー・オブ・サ・イヤー, Rūkī obu sa Iyā)[edit | edit source]

Year Winner Stable
2018 Shun Skywalker MDlogo.png Mochizuki Dojo

Best Bout Award (ベストバウト, Besutobauto)[edit | edit source]

Year Winner Stable
2018 Eita vs. Naruki Doi (May 8) REDlogo.png R.E.D
MaxiMuM.jpg MaxiMuM

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