F-1 Tag Team Championship
F-1 Tag Team Championship Wrestle-1 version
Promotion(s) All Japan Pro Wrestling (2006-2013)
Wrestle-1 (2015-present)

The F-1 (Fake-1 Grand Prix) Tag Team Championship (F-1フェイク-1グランプリ) タッグ選手権/F-1 (feiku-1 guranpuri) taggu senshuken) was an unofficial tag team title in All Japan Pro Wrestling that apparently was not recognized by the promotion. It’s more of a comedy title as matches are a mix of regular wrestling and impromptu standup comedy routines involving the wrestlers.


It was created by Keiji Mutoh in December 2006, and he & Japanese comedian Kannazuki were the first to win the titles. On August 30, 2015 on Keiji Mutoh promotion's Wrestle-1 it was announced that they are going to revive the titles and on October 9, 2015 are going to have a new champions. At Wrestle-1 Tour 2015 Fan Appreciation Day Keiji Mutoh and Kannazuki defeated Manabu Soya & Sugichan to win the titles for their second time, it is their first time as the F-1 Tag Team Champions in the Wrestle-1 promotion.

Title history

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(Individual Reigns)
Team Reign Date Location Days held Event Notes
1 Keiji Mutoh and Kannazuki 1 December 15, 2006 Tokyo, Japan 1458 All Japan Pro Wrestling "Fan Appreciation Day" 2006 Defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Akimasa Haraguchi to become the inaugural champions.
2 Ryota Hama and Koriki Choshu 1 December 12, 2010 Tokyo, Japan 364 All Japan Pro Wrestling "Fan Appreciation Day" 2010
3 Manabu Soya and RG 1 December 11, 2011 Tokyo, Japan 370 All Japan Pro Wrestling "Fan Appreciation Day" 2011
4 Kannazuki (2) and Takao Omori 1 December 15, 2012 Morioka, Japan 137 All Japan Pro Wrestling "Fan Appreciation Day" 2012
Abandoned May 1, 2013 N/A N/A All Japan Pro Wrestling abandoned the title.
5 Keiji Mutoh (2) and Kannazuki (3) 2 October 9, 2015 Tokyo, Japan 1642+ Wrestle-1 Tour 2015 Fan Appreciation Day Defeated Manabu Soya and Sugichan, after the title was revived by Wrestle-1. Wrestle-1, however, considered this a new title and dubbed Keiji Mutoh and Kannazuki as the first champions.


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