Florida Express
Florida Express
The Florida Express: (Left to Right) Johnson Florida, Kenskee Sasaki, Akira Hokuto, Daniel Mishima, Michael Iwasa
Members Michael Iwasa
Daniel Mishima
Johnson Florida
Kenskee Sasaki
Jackson Florida
Name(s) Florida Express
Florida Brothers
Super Florida Brothers
Iwasa Gundam
Debut August 24, 2003
Disbanded July 11 2010
Years active 2003, 2003-2005, 2004-2006, 2006-2010

The Florida Express, sometimes known as The Florida Brothers, is a collection of gimmick characters that began in Toryumon Japan and crossed over into Dragon Gate. They are primarily comedy acts competing in the opening or mid-card position of every show. Though there was a point where there had been up to four members teaming together. They also had a continuation of the Florida Brothers that was called Super Florida Brothers but the Super Florida Brothers disbanded in 2010. The stable was origanaly a tag team that was named Iwasa Gundam that was later renamed to Florida Brothers.


Dragon Gate and Toryumon JapanEdit

The stable before it was a stable it was tag team named Iwasa Gundam and it was formed by Taku Iwasa and Daniel Mishima later they renamed their tag team to Florida Brothers and formed a stable named Florida Express with Johnson Florida and Jackson Florida and Iwasa renamed imself to Michael Iwasa. Their routine involved spoofing American southern style wrestling, and winning matches by DQ. Iwasa carried a folding chair painted in a stars and stripes pattern to the ring, and the Floridas would throw the chair to their opponents, then fake having been hit with it. The referee would then DQ their opponents, and the Floridas would leap to their feet and put their hands over their hearts as The USA Nation Anthem played. Later, they would add Takayuki Yagi to their stable. Yagi portrayed a partial referee, dressing in an American Flag motif shirt and wearing oversized sunglasses that he required to see. Kensuke Sasaki joined the Floridas as a part-time member after losing to them via DQ, and called himself Kenskee whenever he teamed with them. The Florida Brothers gimmick had run its course in 2006, and Iwasa and Mishima put the gimmick on the line in a match against Stalker Ichikawa. Ichikawa won the match. Iwasa and Mishima went their separate ways. Mishima would leave the company very shortly after, while Iwasa joined the cram school stable Tozawa-juku. The stable was continued by Johnson and Jackson Florida as Super Florida Brothers that was the team of Johnson and Jackson and Jackson won the Open The Owarai Gate Champion three times and Johnson also won Owarai Gate Champion by defeating Jackson but he lost the title back to Jackson. They were disbanded on July 11, 2010. On May 9, Florida Express made a one-night return against Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito, where they won by disqualification.

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