Fuminori Abe
Fuminori Abe
Born January 4, 1995
Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Buddha Brahman
Fuminori Abe
Trans-Am Abe
Height 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight 75 kg (165 lb)
Trained By Sportiva Entertainment Dojo
Debut May 17, 2015

  Fuminori Abe (阿部史典, Abe Fuminori, born on January 4, 1995) is a Japanese professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist currently working with Pro Wrestling BASARA, where he is the current one-time Union MAX Champion.

Abe was originally trained by Sportiva and competed in promotions such as Pro Wrestling HEAT UP and All Japan Pro Wrestling more notably. He would then win his first professional wrestling championship at Guts World, and worked in another promotion across Japan before competing exclusively for BASARA.

Professional Wrestling careerEdit

Early CareerEdit

In 2015 Abe made his debut against Shigehiro Irie. Abe primarily competed in Pro Wrestling HEAT UP and All Japan Pro Wrestling more notably, as well as other promotions from time to time along with remaining active in Sportiva.

In Abe beginning of 2017, Abe adopted the style of Munenori Sawa and also wore a similar ring attire and even adopted some moves as per example the Man. He also began working in Guts World where on November 14 Abe won his first professional wrestling championship alongside TORU to win the GWC Tag Team Championship. They lost the titles to Shota and Kenichiro Arai on April 15, 2018 at Guts World final show.

Pro Wrestling BASARA (2017-Present)Edit

Abe started at the beginning of 2017 competing at Pro Wrestling BASARA, but more regularly since November when he confronted and challenged Isami Kodaka after he had defeated Ryuichi Sekine to retain the Union MAX Championship. On December 14 Abe unsuccessfully challenged Kodaka for the Union MAX Championship. He would then take part of the Shinjuku Strongest Ground Budokai Tournament, where in the process he pinned Kodaka. He would then lose in the finals to Hideki Suzuki. Afterwards, he asked Kodaka to join BASARA in which he accepted. On March 24 2020, Abe defeated Masahiro Takanashi to win Union MAX Championship winning his second championship in the process.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

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