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  Yuki Yagi (八木 由貴, Yagi Yuki) is a Japanese professional wrestler better known by the ring name Madoka (円華, Madoka).[2] He is mostly known for his work in Kaientai Dojo and currently works for Pro Wrestling BASARA under the ring name of Hagane Shinno. He also worked for Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW) both as a singles wrestler and with Shinya Ishikawa in the a tag team called Team Heavy Metal.

In wrestling[]

  • Finishing moves
    • Bullet Ride[2] (Swinging side lift dropped into a DDT)
    • Ranhei[2] – Innovated
    • Shooting star press[2]
    • X Crash[3] (Straight jacket sitout rear mat slam) – 2002–2006
  • Signature moves
    • Camel clutch
    • Crossface[4]
    • Ecstasy Press[3] (Standing shooting star press)
    • German suplex
    • Multiple kick variations
      • Corner drop followed by a slingshot single leg drop to the oppontent's face
      • Jumping high
      • Missile drop
      • Savate
    • Springboard moonsault
    • Suicide dive
    • X3 Clutch[3] (Hammerlock backslide)

Championships and accomplishments[]


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