Heisei Ishingun
Members Shiro Koshinaka
Kengo Kimura
Kuniaki Kobayashi
Masashi Aoyagi
Akitoshi Saito
The Great Kabuki
Akira Nogami
Tatsutoshi Goto
Michiyoshi Ohara
Genichiro Tenryu
Debut 1992
Disbanded 1999
Promotion(s) NJPW

Heisei Ishingun was a Japanese professional wrestling stable, led by Shiro Koshinaka, during the 1990s.


After an intense feud with each other early in 1992, Shiro Koshinaka and Kuniaki Kobayashi formed a group with Masashi Aoyagi and Akitoshi Saito. Kengo Kimura and the Great Kabuki from WAR soon joined the group. In 1993, they would have a name for their group: Heisei Ishingun, after Riki Choshu's Shōwa period Ishin Gundan stable.

In 1993, Michiyoshi Ohara and Tatsutoshi Goto joined the group, In 1994, Aoyagi left to return to Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. In 1996, after the Japanese Jollyjacks split up, Akira Nogami joined, while Kabuki left. Kimura partially left in late 1996 to re-form his old team with Tatsumi Fujinami as well. In 1998, Saito left, while Genichiro Tenryu joined the group. In 1999, Heisei Ishingun disbanded as Goto, Nogami and Ohara joined Masahiro Chono's Team 2000. Koshinaka went back to being a NJPW loyalist, while Kobayashi and Kimura retired and Tenryu, a de facto free agent, continued supporting NJPW loyalists in their battles against Team 2000.

During their time as a group, Heisei Ishingun feuded with wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling, WAR, UWF International, and nWo Japan.

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