Hiroto Okubo
Hiroto Okubo
Birth name Hiroto Okubo (大久保寛人, Ōkubo Hiroto)
Born October 9 1991 (1991-10-09) (age 28)
Kyoto, Japan
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Hiroto Okubo
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 70 kg (150 lb)
Debut January 11, 2014

  Hiroto Okubo (大久保寛人, Ōkubo Hiroto) is a professional wrestler who is currently working as freelancer. Okubo has also made appearances for japan's biggest promotions such as Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero1 and other minor independant promotions such as Guts World, Apache Pro-Wrestling and Ganbare☆Puroresu.

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Doutonbori Pro Wrestling (2014–2018)Edit

Hiroto Okubo made his debut in Doutonbori Pro Wrestling losing to Gamelas on January 11, 2014. On October 19, Okubo alongside TORU, participated on Second Dotonbori Tag King Decision League and they both finished their block with 0 points, losing all of their matches. On January 18, Okubo picked up his first win in his career in a tag team match, with Jun Masaoka defeating DAICHI and Kiai Ryuuken Ecchan. On July 20, Okubo participated in the 2015 Dotonbori Saikyou Otoko Tournament, being eliminated by Takaku Fuke on the first round. On November 1, 2015 Hiroto Okubo and Tomoki Ueno participated on the 2015 Dotonbori Saikyou Tag King Tournament, but were eliminated by Kuuga and Magnitude Kishiwada.

Other Promotions (2015–present)Edit

On May 17 Hiroto Okubo made his debut in Guts World defeating Joji Otani in a singles match. On May 24, Okubo made his debut for Apache in co-event between Doutonbori and Apche, with him and Daijiro Matsui losing to Daisaku Shimoda and Takaku Fuke. On July 4, 2015 Hiroto Okubo made his debut in Pro Wrestling Zero1 alongside Rapid, losing a tag team to Kuuga and Magnitude Kishiwada. On September 4 Okubo made his debut on Big Japan Pro Wrestling, with Daisuke Masaoka and Tadasuke losing to Hideyoshi Kamitani, Kazumi Kikuta and Yoshihisa Uto. On the next day, Okubo returned to Zero1, losing a six man tag team match alongside Kandai Koyama and Yun Gang Chul to Gamerasu, Orochi and "brother" YASSHI. On March 19, 2016, Okubo retuned to BJW, losing a tag team match, with TORU to Kazumi Kikuta and Yoshihisa Uto. On Novmeber 14, Okubo made his debut for All Star Wrestling in a co-event between ASW and Doutonbori, where he, Bambi Hall and Kobra Kai lost to Kinyru, The Count and The Great Kasaki. On April 30, Okubo made his debut for Ganbare☆Puroresu, defeating Masayuki Mitomi and Shibata in a tag team match.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Signature moves
    • Locomotion Style Fisherman's Suplex
  • Entrance themes
    • "Super Stomper" by 10-Feet

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

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