Iron Perms
Members Don Fujii
Naoki Tanizaki
Second Doi
Debut September 19, 2004
Disbanded November 11, 2004
Years active 2004
Promotion(s) Dragon Gate

Iron Perms (アイアンパーム, Aianpama) it was a stable, in the Dragon Gate promotion. It was formed in September 2003 by Second Doi and Don Fujii. On November 16 Tanizaki and Doi brought the first tag team win of the group by defeating Crazy MAX (CIMA and Shingo Takagi) after the match Fujii turned on Doi and Tanizaki to rejoin Crazy Max and the stable was disbanded.

History[edit | edit source]

Dragon Gate and Disbanding[edit | edit source]

After some weeks of Don Fujii trying to for an alliance with Second Doi. On August 28 Doi and Fujii had a match against each other if Doi lost he had to share the same hairstyle as Fujii and the match was Bat Vs Iron Perm and Fujii was the Catcher and Doi lost and he had to share the same hairstyle as Fujii. Fujii would then interfiered in Doi's matches and some times managing him. Later Masaaki Mochizuki announced that himeself, Susumu Yokosuka and K-ness would represent Final M2K for the Rey de Parejas Tournament leaving Doi behind. Later Doi after defeating Naoki Tanizaki (who was in a series trials of matches to enter Do FIXER but failed) with help from Fujii. Doi would form an alliance with Fujii to enter in Rey de Parejas Tournament but they were loking for a partner. On September 26 Naoki Tanizaki introduced himself as a Fuji's perm and joined at the two thus turning the team to a stable.

On October 9 to November 6 Fujii, Doi and Tanizaki participated at the Rey De Parejas Tournament and they finished the tournament with only 4 points with 2 wins and 4 losses and one double DQ against Florida Express (Daniel Mishima, Johnson Florida and Michael Iwasa). On November 16 after Tanizaki and Doi defeated Crazy MAX (CIMA and Shingo Takagi), Fujii turned on Doi and Tanizaki to rejoined Crazy Max and the stable was disbanded. After Tanizaki was left laying in the ring. Suddenly, Magnum Tokyo came out and surprised the world by giving the unconscious Tanizaki his Do FIXER shirt, thus accepting him into the unit and Second Doi would return to Final M2K.

In wrestling[edit | edit source]

  • Fujii's Finishing moves
    • Gedo Clutch[1]
    • HIMEI (Boston crab)[2] – used on rookie wrestlers
    • Nice German (Bridging German suplex)[2][3]
    • Nodowa Elbow (Chokeslam followed by an elbow drop)[2][3]
    • Nodowa Otoshi (Chokeslam, sometimes from the top or second rope)[2][3]
  • Doi's Finishing moves
    • Golden Glove (Reverse rocking horse)[4]
  • Tanizaki's Finishing moves
    • Casanova (Running high knee to a seated opponent's head)[5][6]
    • Implant (Cradle back-to-belly piledriver)[5][6]
    • Libido (Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack dropped into a knee lift)[6]
  • Entrance themes
    • "Soreyuke! Aipazu" by Yabu Nakazawa

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