Richard Magarey is an Australian stunt actor, and under his bearded crossdressing persona named Ladybeard is also a professional wrestler and metal vocalist of the band Deadlift Lolita.

Early career[edit | edit source]

According to GirlsWalker, Magarey first started crossdressing when he was 14 years old using his sister’s school uniform. Ever since then, cute outfits have been part of his eventual wrestling gimmick.[2]

Magarey graduated from the Flinders University of South Australia Drama Centre in 2004 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts before moving to Melbourne to train in Hong Kong-style martial arts and cinematic stunt work with Paul Andreovski of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.[citation needed]

Wrestling and acting career[edit | edit source]

Richard Magarey, originally from Adelaide, moved to China in 2006 to kickstart his martial arts stunt career in films, later becoming a hit in Hong Kong as a cross-dressing pro wrestler.[3][4] He held roles in two Michael Gleissner movies: Irreversi, shot in 2010 in Hong Kong (where Magarey was also the stand-in for lead actor Ian Bohen), and Deep Gold, shot in 2011 in the Philippines. He also starred as the main foreign villain in The Fortune Buddies. In October 2013 he moved to Tokyo in Japan to attempt a similar career there.[4] In 1 January 2015 Ladybeard released the DVD+CD "LadyBeard Justice Fight - Ai to Yuki to Bikini to Hige to -", the best image DVD to convey the charm of Via Action, drama, special effects, variety, document mixed with each other.[5] In 2017 Ladybeard was part of the Australian documentary "Big in Japan".[6]

Championships and accomplishments[edit | edit source]

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