Open The Freedom Gate Championship
Promotion(s) Dragon Gate USA
Dragon Gate
Date Established November 28, 2009
Date Retired August 15, 2015

The Open The Freedom Gate Championship was the major title in the promotion Dragon Gate USA. The first holder of the title was crowned following a 14-man tournament held at DGUSA Freedom Fight on November 28, 2009. The title is also recognized by Dragon Gate USA's parent promotion, Dragon Gate, and it has been defended at a Dragon Gate show in Japan. The title is also recognized by the Evolve promotion.

There were seven reigns by six wrestlers. BxB Hulk became the first champion by winning a 14-man tournament. Timothy Thatcher was the final champion, vacating the title on August 15, 2015.

The championship was defended in the USA, Japan, China, England, Germany, Canada, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Championship tournament[edit | edit source]

It was announced a tournament to crowned the first Open the Freedom Gate Championship and the tournament would be held in one night at the Dragon Gate USA Freedom Fight on November 28, 2009. The DGUSA Freedom Fight featured a 14-man tournament with four matches to leading to the finals, the matches were contested as a four-way elimination match between the winners. The first qualifier announced was a three-way match between Mike Quackenbush, Super Crazy, and CIMA in a match billed as a "salute" to the trainer of all three men, Jorge Rivera. It was later announced Rivera was added to the match, making it a four-way. Proceeding this was the announcement of two singles matches being entitled, "Next Level" and "Redemption". The former will be pitting Davey Richards against one-half of the Open the Twin Gate Champions YAMATO. The other singles match was announced on November 3 to be Brian Kendrick versus BxB Hulk. There was also a six-way match announced with the first two competitors for the match being named as Nick and Matt Jackson. The final four participants were announced on November 3, giving the match a theme, "Generation New", as it highlights younger wrestlers. The names announced were: Johnny Gargano, Lince Dorado, and Gran Akuma. On November 28 BxB Hulk defeated CIMA and Gran Akuma and YAMATO to become the inaugural Open the Freedom Gate Champion.

  First round
(November 28)
(November 28)
(November 28)
   Gran Akuma Pin  
 Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
Johnny Gargano
Lince Dorado
   Gran Akuma Bye  
   BxB Hulk Bye  
 BxB Hulk Pin
   Brian Kendrick 12:34  
     BxB Hulk Pin
Gran Akuma
   CIMA Pin  
 Mike Quackenbush
Super Crazy
Jorge Rivera
   CIMA Bye
   YAMATO Bye  
   Davey Richards 21:22  

Title History[edit | edit source]

# Wrestler Reign Date Location Length Defenses Notes
1 BxB Hulk 1 November 28, 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 426 Days 6 Defeated CIMA, Gran Akuma, and YAMATO in tournament finals in an elimination match.
2 YAMATO 1 January 28, 2011 Manhattan, New York 289 Days 6
3 Johnny Gargano 1 November 13, 2011 Manhattan, New York 873 Days 22
4 Ricochet 1 April 4, 2014 New Orleans, Louisiana 226 Days 5
5 Johnny Gargano 2 November 16, 2014 Beijing, China 224 Days 3
6 Drew Galloway 1 March 28, 2015 San Jose, California 104 Days 5 This match was also contested for Galloway's Evolve Championship.
7 Timothy Thatcher 1 July 10, 2015 Tampa, Florida 36 Days 0 This match was also contested for the Evolve Championship.
- Deactivated - August 15, 2015 Queens, New York - - Thatcher handed the title to Johnny Gargano, rendering it vacant and inactive.

Combined reigns[edit | edit source]

Rank Champion No. of
Combined days
1 Johnny Gargano 2 25 1005
2 BxB Hulk 1 7 426
3 YAMATO 1 6 289
4 Ricochet 1 5 226
5 Drew Galloway 1 5 104
6 Timothy Thatcher 1 0 36

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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