Pro-Wrestling A.C.E
Acronym A.C.E
Founder(s) Keiji Mutoh
Owner(s) Wrestle-1
Defunct April 1, 2020
Style Fighting Entertainment
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

Pro-Wrestling A.C.E, often referred to simply as A.C.E, was a promotion and a division of the entertainment company Wrestle-1. It is based in Tokyo.

While its primary purpose is to serve as a developmental division for Wrestle-1, A.C.E has come to be viewed by the fans as its own distinct entity - effectively serving as a second brand complementing Wreslte-1 himself.

History Edit

On March 30, 2016, Wrestle-1 held a show to celebrate the conclusion of the first term of the Puroresu Sōgō Gakuin, while also announcing the graduation of Hana Kimura, Jun Tonsho, Reika Saiki and Seigo Tachibana. With two women graduating from the class, Keiji Mutoh teased the possibility of starting a women's division in Wrestle-1. After that Wrestle-1 decide to create a developmental sub-promotion which is made for the rookies like WWE NXT to become their wrestling school. Thier first event was on November 12 after that wrestlers from the sub-promotion started to wrestle in the main roster receiving shots at their main titles.

On February 29, 2020 Wrestle-1 president, Kaz Hayashi announced that all activities of the promotion would be suspended indefinitely after April 1 with all of the contracted wrestlers being released on March 31.


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