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Purple Haze
Members Gianni Valletta
Lucas Steel
Shigehiro Irie
Debut December 21, 2019
Promotion(s) AJPW

Purple Haze (パープルヘイズ, Pāpuruheizu) is a professional wrestling stable in the Japanese promotion All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW). The group was founded on December 21, 2019, by Izanagi, Shigehiro Irie and UTAMARO.

Since its formation, the stable established themselves as heels and began adding members most notably Gianni Valletta, Lucas Steel and former Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Zeus.


Since September 2019, UTAMARO debuted in All Japan Pro Wrestling, establishing himself as a heel, leading him to be soon after joined by Shigehiro Irie. On December 17, Atsushi Maruyama was defeated by Susumu Yokosuka in the first round of a tournament to crown the new World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Following Maruyama's loss, UTAMARO abducted Maruyama, leading him to be brainwashed by UTAMARO. Three days later, Irie and UTAMARO were accompanied by a new member to witness their match against Zeus and TORU. Following Irie and UTAMARO's victory, UTAMARO asked Zeus to join their group, in which Zeus ended up refusing. Afterwards, in a post-match interview, Izanagi (based on mythological god "Izanami"), the former Atsushi Maruyama, joined the group and three proclaimed themselves as the "Gods Legion", with Izanagi proclaiming a bigger God, who was above them was their real leader and he would join them next year. Afterwards, Izanagi began acting as the stable's spokesperson.

The God above Izanagi, Irie and UTAMARO was later revealed to be Zeus, who ended up accepting their invitation, with UTAMARO still being the leader of the stable. On January 2, 2020, the stable was joined by British wrestler Lucas Steel, becoming their fourth member. The following day, the stable began a feud with Evolution, after Irie and Steel defeated Shuji Ishikawa and Yusuke Okada, with the help from the outside interference provided by Izanagi and UTAMARO. Afterwards, the stable challenged Evolution to a match for their World Tag Team Championship. On January 4, the stable was named "Purple Haze". The second big event of the storyline was on February 13, with Irie and Steel unsuccessfully challenging Violent Giants (Shuji Ishikawa and Suwama) for the World Tag Team Championship, despite the outside interference provided by Purple Haze. Despite losing the match, Izanagi challenged them to a rematch for their titles. On March 25, Purple Haze was joined by Gianni Valletta. Later that night, Izanagi unsuccessfully challenged Susumu Yokosuka for the World Junior Heavyweight Championship, despite the outside interference provided by Purple Haze.

Championships and accomplishments

  • Oriental Wrestling Entertainment
    • OWE Openweight Championship (1 time, current) – Irie
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