Roughly Obsess and Destroy
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Debut 2003
Disbanded 2009
Promotion(s) AJPW

Roughly Obsess & Destroy (abbreviated in writing as RO&D, spoken as R.O.D.) is a professional wrestling stable founded in 2003 in All Japan Pro Wrestling by Taka Michinoku, and later reformed in Pro Wrestling Noah. The stable's name is generally believed to be a mistranslation of "Obsessed with roughly destroying."

History/career Edit

RO&D began in AJPW in mid-2003 as heels, often clashing with the likes of Keiji Mutoh. Taka Michinoku was the only Japanese member of RO&D, with all the rest being gaijins (foreigners). Some experts do not consider Taiyō Kea to be gaijin, despite the fact that he is Hawaiian, because he trained in the AJPW dojo and has spent nearly all of his career in the promotion. Later, RO&D became faces and feuded against the Voodoo Murders. At one point, they held almost all the titles in AJPW (see championships and accomplishments).

Later, members of the stable would rejoin in NOAH, with D'Lo Brown and Buchanan capturing the GHC Tag Team Championship on one occasion.

Members Edit

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • Hawai'i Championship Wrestling
  • HCW Kekaulike Heritage Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Taiyō Kea and Jamal
  • Tokyo Sports
  • Technique Prize (2005) - Taka Michinoku [3]


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