The Road to Keiji Mutoh Tournument was a profissional Wrestling single-elimination held by Wrestle-1 promotion. Originally conceived in May. The winner of the tournament wgets a match against Keiji Mutoh. The winner was Jiro Kuroshio and he won the trophy of Keiji Mutoh but lost the match agains Mutoh. This tournament is not annually.


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2015 Edit

  First round
(May 16)
(May 30)
(May 30)
   Jiro Kuroshio Pin  
 Hiroki Murase 10:15  
   Jiro Kuroshio Pin  
   Koji Doi 08:22  
 Shotaro Ashino 8:46
   Koji Doi Pin  
     Jiro Kuroshio Pin
   Seiki Yoshioka 15:15
   Andy Wu Pin  
 Seiki Yoshioka 13:55  
   Seiki Yoshioka Pin
   Jay Freddie 11:33  
 Kumagoro Sub
   Jay Freddie 10:15  

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