Super Wrestling in Autumn (2019) is a cancelled professional wrestling event promoted by Dragon Gate  (DG). The event's three nights were suposed to take place on October 29 and October 30 in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, China at the Youth Square. This was suposed to be the second events under the Super Wrestling in Autumn name and the fifth Dragon Gate show that the promotion would had produced independently in China. The show was cancelled due to the ongoing political protests in Hong Kong.



On September 4, 2019, Dragon Gate announced a second event under the Super Wrestling in Autumn name with the two nights being held in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, China at the Youth Square.

Dragon Gate had previously run two shows in China as Live TV special on November 2005 in Henan and Beijing, which the first show drew 3,500 tickets, while the second show drew 1,500 tickets. Dragon Gate even developed to be a Chinese character named Super Shenlong for the hometown Chinese fans, but the character became inactive since August 1, 2013. On May 15 and 16, 2019 Dragon Gate made an event named Dragon Storm in Spring 2019 where the event would draw 279 people in the first night while in the second 306 people.

Dragon Gate had previously promoted an event named Super Wrestling in Autumn on October 22 and 23, 2018 at the Youth Square in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, China. Dragon Gate also announced several wrestlers for the event including MaxiMuM members (Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid and Jason Lee), YAMATO, Natural Vibes members (Kzy and Genki Horiguchi), R.E.D members and reigning Open The Twin Gate Champions (Eita and Big R Shimizu), reigning Open The Dream Gate Champion Ben-K and Mochizuki Dojo members (Hyou Watanabe and Yuki Yoshioka). On September 19, Dragon Gate announced several other wrestlers for the event including Hong Kong wrestler Ho Ho Lun. On October 4, it was announced that the event would be cancelled for safety reasons due to the political protests in Hong Kong.

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