Takumi Soya
Takumi Soya
Born August 4 1987 (1987-08-04) (age 32)
Minowa, Nagano
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Takumi Soya
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in)
Weight 102 kg (225 lb)
Trained By AJPW Dojo
Kaz Hayashi
Debut January 2, 2011
Retired May 27, 2012

  Takumi Soya (征矢 匠, Soya Takumi, born August 4, 1987) was a Japanese professional wrestler, best known for his work in All Japan Pro Wrestling.


Soya debuted in All Japan Pro Wrestling, losing to his brother Manabu on January 2, 2011. He got his first singles win against Soshun. He participed in the Destroyer Cup but he failed to win it. In the mid of 2011 he joined Suwama and his mentor Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo and they found unit named Team Destruction. He and Suwama participed in World's Strongest Tag Determination League and they finished thier block with 6 points with 3 wins and 6 losses without advacing to the finals. He got his first title shot when he and Suwama unsuccessfully challenged Daisuke Seikimoto and Yuji Okabayashi for the All Asia Tag Team Championship on March 20, 2012. On April 14 he defeated Yasufumi Nakanoue to get a spot in the Champion Carnival due to reigning Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Jun Akiyama not participating due to his prior commitments with Pro Wrestling NOAH. He finished his block with 2 points with 1 victory by forefeit and 5 losses without advancing to the finals. He wrestled his last match in AJPW where he and Suwama and Shuji Kondo defeated Masakatsu Funaki, Masayuki Kono and Yasufumi Nakanoue. On May 25 he retried due to a jaw injury.

Personal lifeEdit

Soya's older brother Manabu is a professional wrestler he currently works in Wrestle-1.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • The☆Original Style Ace Crusher (Running Bulldog)
    • Pedigree (Double Underhook Facebuster)
    • Ace Crusher
  • Signature moves
    • Rolling Savate Kick
    • Jackhammer (Delayed vertical suplex powerslam)
    • Half Hatch Suplex (Suplex)
    • Fisherman's Buster
    • Kamengiri (High Kick to face)
    • Rolling Sobat repeated Chest kicks on the front neck
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