Team Boku
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Name(s) Team Boku
Our Generation
Debut September 26, 2020
Years active 2020-present
Promotion(s) Dragon Gate

Team Boku (チーム・ボク, Chīmu Boku), is a professional wrestling stable in the Dragon Gate (DG) promotion. The stable was founded on September 26, 2020, by Naruki Doi, Ryo Saito and Ryotsu Shimizu, after Shimizu was kicked out of R.E.D and forced to revert to "Ryotsu Shimizu" gimmick. The stable was initially known as "Our Generation", before being quickly joined by Punch Tominaga, who left Dragon Gate Generation stable, renaiming the stable to Team Boku. The gimmick of the stable is based around Shimizu's gimmick of the main character of the anime series KochiKame, which was named Ryotsu.

History[edit | edit source]

On September 21, at Dangerous Gate, Big R Shimizu took part in the six-way steel cage survival match. Shimizu would lose the match after failling to retreive the last flag of the match, despite R.E.D's interference. As part of the match stipulation, Shimizu was forced to shave his hair, kicked out of R.E.D and forced to revert to his previous ring name "Ryotsu Shimizu". Shimizu's gimmick of a Police officer was inspired by the main character of the anime series KochiKame, which was named Ryotsu. Following Dangerous Gate, on September 26, Shimizu faced YAMATO in a match. The match ended with R.E.D attacking them, leading YAMATO's Dragon Gate Generation stablemates to make the save. Shimizu then proceeded to asked them to join the Dragon Gate Generation stable, but he was refused by them. Afterwards, Shimizu joined by Toryumon Generation members Naruki Doi and Ryo Saito, who took pity on him for being rejected by the Dragon Gate Generation and decided to form their own stable with him named "Our Generation", despite Doi and Saito still being part of Toryumon Generation stable. On October 7, it was announced that the stable would be named "Team Boku". Afterwards, Doi and Saito asked Punch Tominaga to join them, but he refused. Doi, Saito, and Shimizu would face Tominaga and his Dragon Gate Generation stablemates Yosuke♡Santa Maria and U-T in a winning effort, after Shimizu pinned Tominaga. Following the match, Doi and Saito asked Tominaga for the second time to join them. After being impressed by Team Boku, Tominaga asked the other Dragon Gate Generation members if he could join Team Boku, in which Kzy and YAMATO accepted, leading Tominaga to leave the Dragon Gate Generation and join Team Boku, becoming their fourth member. On October 17, Doi, Tominaga, and Shimizu defeated the R.E.D trio of (BxB Hulk, Diamante, and Takashi Yoshida), after Shimizu pinned Yoshida. Afterwards, Doi, Tominaga and Shimuzu challenged R.E.D to a title for the Open The Triangle Gate Championship, which was made official by the Dragon Gate General Manager Takayuki Yagi, under the condition that if Team Boku lost, Shimizu would have to abandon the Ryotsu Shimzu gimmick. On November 3, at Gate of Destiny, Doi, Tominaga were defeated by R.E.D (Kazma Sakamoto, Kento Kobune and Takashi Yoshida) for the vacant Open The Triangle Gate Championship, forcing Shimizu to abandon the Ryotsu Shimizu gimmick. This led on November 5, Shimizu renaiming himself to "Bokku R Shimzu", similiar to his previous name Big R Shimizu, due to being part of Team Boku.

Members[edit | edit source]

Member Duration
Bokku R Shimizu/Bokutimo Dragon September 26, 2020 – Present
Punch Tominaga October 7, 2020 – Present
Naruki Doi September 26, 2020 – Present
Ryo Saito September 26, 2020 – Present

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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