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{{Infobox wrestling tournament}} may be used to summarize the main information about a tournament without interfering with the article flow.


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{{Infobox wrestling tournament
|name            = 
|image           = 
|image_size      = 
|caption         = 
|alt             =
|cwinner   = 
|lwinner      =
|mostvictories   =
|othernames      = 
|tagline       = 
|sponsor       =
|createdby       = 
|promotions      = 
|firstevent      = 
|lastevent       = 
|gimmick         = 
|song = 


G1 Climax
G1 Climax Logo
Tagline Be a Survivor (2018)
Current Winner(s) Tetsuya Naito
Last Winner(s) test
Most Victories Antonio Inoki (10 wins)
Other name(s) World League (1974–1977)
MSG League (1978–1982)
International Wrestling Grand Prix (1983–1988)
World Cup Tournament (1989)
Created by Antonio Inoki
Promotion(s) New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW)
First event 1974
Last event 2017
Tournament gimmick Round-robin tournament for heavyweight wrestlers


All parameters are optional, except for "name", "promotions" and "firstevent".

Parameter Explanation
name The name of the pay-per-view (PPV) series. This parameter is mandatory.
image An image or logo of the PPV series.
image_size Insert image or logo width (defaults to 250px if empty).
caption A caption explaining the image.
alt Alternative text for the image or logo, for people who can't see the image.
lastwinner If the tournament ended, the last person who won it.
latestwinner Who won the tournmanent on the last year after the tournament happened.
mostvictories Who won the tournmanent most times.
othernames The other names the tournament has been officially named. This does NOT include nicknames.
nicknames The nicknames the event has been called.
createdby If known, the person or persons that created the tournament.
promotions The promotions the PPV series has been held by. This parameter is mandatory.
firstevent The first event in the PPV series' chronology. This parameter is mandatory.
lastevent The last event in the tournament chronology, if the tournament has been discontinued.
tagline The nickname of the tournament«. (i.e. Be a Survivor).
sponsor The announced sponsor of the event.
gimmick The theme or concept of the event.
song The theme song of the tournament. (if needed, a sample)