Toryumon 2000 Project
Acronym T2P
Founder(s) Ultimo Dragon
Owner(s) Ultimo Dragon
Defunct January 27, 2003
Headquarters Japan
Parent Toryumon Japan

Toryumon 2000 Project, or T2P for short, was a promotion that ran in Japan consisting of the second class graduates of the Ultimo Dragon Gym. It is the sister promotion to Toryumon Japan and acted as its rival in 2002. When the promotion folded on January 27, 2003, it was absorbed into Toryumon Japan.


While the first class of Ultimo Dragon Gym graduates were starting up their own promotion in Japan, a second class of students were being trained back in Mexico. What would make this group of students stand out from their predecessors would be a greater emphasis in lucha libra-style submissions, or Llave. They would make their debut as a separate promotion on November 13, 2001.

In addition to their differing wrestling style, T2P would stand out for having matches contested within a six-sided wrestling ring as opposed to the standard four-sided. T2P would be the first promotion to use a six-sided ring, a concept that would later be adopted by Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) and United States promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). The group would successfully develop their own following and it created a debate among fans as to which class of Ultimo Dragon Gym graduates were better.

After a series of incidents with talent from both sides crossing over, they put together a pay-per-view show on September 8, 2002 with the majority of the matches seeing Toryumon Japan talent against T2P talent. Afterward, the two classes would mix together until T2P was formally closed on January 27, 2003 with all of its talent being absorbed into Toryumon Japan.

Championships Promoted Edit

Title Period Used Last Champion Date won Current Status
NWA International Light Heavyweight Championship 2002 CIMA December 26, 2002 Inactive

Toryumon 2000 Project GraduatesEdit

Term Name Currently working
5th Term Anthony W. Mori Retired
5th Term Raimu Mishima Retired due to injuries.
5th Term Naruki Doi Dragon Gate
5th Term Taku Iwasa Retierd
6th Term Milano Collection AT Retired due to eye injury
6th Term Kinya Oyanagi Michinoku Pro
6th Term Phillip J. Fukumasa Retired
6th Term TARUcito Retired
6th Term Takuya Murakami Michinoku Pro
7th Term Toru Owashi Dramatic Dream Team
7th Term Masato Yoshino Retired
7th Term "brother" YASSHI Dragon Gate
7th Term Takayuki Yagi/Bakery Yagi/Pescatore Yagi Dragon Gate
8th Term Shuji Kondo Wrestle-1
8th Term Jun Ogawauchi (JUN) SECRET BASE
8th Term Noriaki Kawabata Retired
8th Term Shogo Takagi Semi-Retired
8th Term Takuya Sugawara Freelancer
8th Term Hisamaru Tajima Dradition
8th Term Akihiko Inoue / Flash Moon / Murcielago / Inoue 110 Taiien Freelancer


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