UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship
Promotion(s) New Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established September 22, 1993
Date Retired February 15, 1999

The UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship was a championship that was originally promoted by the Mexican promotion Universal Wrestling Association (UWA). the UWA operated from 1975 to 1995 but the title is still defended on the Mexican independent circuit after the UWA closed. The weight range for this championship is 97 kg (214 lb) to 107 kg (236 lb). The UWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship has also been promoted by New Japan Pro Wrestling and was at one time one of the eight championships that made up the J-Crown Championship. Following the breakup of the J-Crown, the championship was used by the Toryumon promotion but has since then returned to Mexico where it's defended on the independent circuit.

Title history Edit

# Wrestlers Reign Date Length Location Successful defenses Notes
1 Gran Hamada 1 September 22, 1993 792 Days Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico 5 Defeated El Engendro, After the UWA closed in 1995, Gran Hamada brings the title with him to Japan.
2 Sabu 1 November 23, 1995 8 Days Kawasaki 0
3 Koji Kanemoto 2 March 17, 1996 ? Days Amagasaki 0
Vacated May 1996 Championship vacated when Kanemoto is unable to defend it due to injury.
4 Shinjiro Otani 1 June 7, 1996 58 Days Tokyo 1 Defeated Kazushi Sakuraba to win the vacant championship.
5 Último Dragón 1 August 4, 1996 1 Day Tokyo 0 Defeated Otani in the second round of the New Japan J-Crown Tournament.
6 The Great Sasuke 1 August 5, 1996 67 Tokyo 0 Defeated Dragón in the finals of the J-Crown Tournament to become the first J-Crown Champion.
7 Último Drágon 1 October 11, 1996 85 Osaka 6

(Wrestling Association R event)

During his reign, Último Drágon captured the NWA World Middleweight Championship and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, making him the most decorated wrestler in recorded history as he was the active reigning and defending champion of ten titles, a record which still stands.
8 Jushin Thunder Liger 1 January 4, 1997 183 Tokyo 4 Lost the WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship to Yuji Yasuraoka on June 6, 1997, in Tokyo, Japan; from that point on, the J-Crown is represented by seven championship belts.
9 El Samurai 1 July 6, 1997 35 Sapporo 0
10 Shinjiro Otani 1 August 10, 1997 87 Nagoya 3
Vacated November 5, 1997 N/A N/A The World Wrestling Federation demanded that Shinjiro Otani return the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship to them immediately. On the same day Otani also returned the remaining belts except for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.
11 Gran Hamada 2 July 30, 1998 Unknown Ninohe 0 Defeated Convict I to win the vacant title.
Abandoned 1999 N/A N/A Later the title was vacated and later the title returned to Mexico.
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